Nano Assault Neo Interview With Shin’en Multimedia

Are you a fan of twin stick shooters? Well Game-Modo managed to grab Shin’en Multimedia during their busy schedule to answer some questions on the awesome looking Nano Assault Neo coming soon to Wii U.

Game-Modo: Nano Assault Neo is described as a twin stick shooter and I’ve got a soft spot for these types of games, that’s usually because its crazy all out fun. Can you give a brief background on what the game is about what made you decide to make this on the Wii U?


Shin’en Multimedia: Nano Assault Neo is set in the nano cosmos, the breathtaking microscopic world. You fight with your Nanite ship against infections on the cellular level. Everything looks and plays really stunning, in super fluid 60fps and a cool surround soundtrack in 5.1 LPCM. To get an idea what its all about you should check out:

G-M: I know that you had a game called Nano Assault on the 3DS and that was an amazing game. It’s possibly one of the best uses of the 3D effect in my opinion. Will Nano Assault Neo have a bigger variety of weapons, power ups and ships?

SM: Nano Assault Neo has doubled the items and collectibles from the 3DS game. Now you have also ship energy instead of instant hits like on the 3DS. There is now also a new shop available where you can buy items for the credits you collect in the level and a brand new bonus round feature has been added. Although the 3DS game is already really pretty, the detail in the Wii U graphics is simply breathtaking.

G-M: I’ve seen in your trailers that you can play Nano Assault Neo on the GamePad and switch away from the TV. This feature sounds fantastic. Will you be able to play two players, with one player using the GamePad and one using the controller pro/WiiMote? What are your impressions of the GamePad, is it Nintendo’s best controller yet?

SM: The TV to GamePad switching feels so nice that you simply feel limited when you play again something else on a different console. We are pretty happy that we used that feature right from the start of the development.

In a two player game one player uses the GamePad and the other one can play with the WiiRemote and Nunchuk or the Classic Controller Pro. In this mode we also used the Wii U GamePad camera to capture a video stream of the first player and show his face on the second player TV screen. That adds a lot of fun in two player mode!

Overall we think the Wii U GamePad is a fantastic controller and many new ideas will be possible with it.

G-M: What sort of gamer would Nano Assault NEO appeal to?

SM: Anyone who wants to see what the Wii U can do should check it out. Also if you love to play against a human in the same room then Neo is your game. If you love to climb up high score tables then you can use the Online Rankings to show how good you really are. We also want to set the price to a point that no one can afford to miss this game on Wii U launch. We think anyone with a slight interest for brilliant action will find much pleasure in Nano Assault Neo.

G-M: What’s the experience been like so far developing on the Wii U?

SM: The Wii U has a lot of power and it comes without much hassle. For us it’s the perfect platform for the next generation of games. We already plan new projects for it.

G-M: I would like to thank Shin’en Multimedia for taking the time to answer Game-Modo’s questions and I can’t wait to try this dual stick shooter on the Wii U.

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