Will The Real SimCity Please Stand Up: Cities Skylines

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CitiesSkylines Bus

I’ll be the first to admit that I have had good times with SimCity, working around the barely-functioning insides to grow my cities. At the same time, like everybody else I’ve always wanted more, particularly more space. Well, here’s a game that looks like it will give us exactly what we want. Cities Skylines. The […]

Survive This Kickstarter – Pathologic Reborn

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Pathologic overview

There once was a game called Pathologic. Well, Pathologic is still a game, an old ugly looking game, but one of the best games you will ever have the joys of playing. Why am I mentioning this? Because Ice-Pick Lodge want to remake it (to a degree), and they want you to help them fund it through Kickstarter.

Ryse: Son of PC

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Ryse Son of Rome

Do you remember Crytek, the developers behind the PC destroying titles Crysis and Crysis 3? Of course you do. Some of you may also remember them from earlier this year with the release of the extremely detailed Xbox One exclusive, Testudo Simulator, Ryse: Son of Rome. Well, a Xbox One exclusive no longer, for now it shall Ryse onto the lands of the PC, with 4K resolution support.

Not To Be Thrown Away: The Expendabros

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Expendabros - Broney Ross

This morning I perused the new releases list on Steam, a common ritual, and found a free game. This game caught my attention by being a blatant advertisement for the upcoming (or already released, if you are one of these chaps or chappettes who obtain movies through less legal means) Expendables 3. But wait, I’ve played it now and I have to tell you, it isn’t crap.

What’s In The Box? Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, That’s What.

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Kevin Spacey Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has a story trailer. Now, I have yet to watch this trailer or even care to read much about Advanced Warfare, but my seer-like powers tell me that a world superpower (USA?) will be knocked back into the stone-age in some highly implausible, if not impossible, way and they will then fight against the odds to win. On that note, let’s watch the story trailer.

Send Your Money Into Space: Offworld Trading Company Costs $80

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Offworld Trading Company Header

Okay, so entrance into the prototype phase will cost you $80. But that’s not all, you get to make this leap with no real knowledge about the game other than the developer is Soren Johnson (Designer of Civilization IV) and his own team, Mohawk Games. There are no videos, screenshots or even comments about the game for the public to see because it’s all locked under a NDA. Hmm.

Banish Your Fears – Banished Gets Mod Support

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Banished Snow

Hopefully the upcoming inclusion of mods will make the unforgiving difficulty meld away, if only slightly, through the ingenuity of the community and their work, while lowering the suicide rate amongst the remainder of the Banished community.