Backwards Compatibility – Is It Important?

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Oh not backwards compatibility talk again, well this is something that should be getting more talk and for good reason. We live in an age where new consoles should be able to play previous generation games. Come check out why being able to play previous generation games is important and what some console makers are doing about this.

What Went Wrong With Aliens: Colonial Marines?!

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The warning signs were there, our motion trackers should have picked up on it, but we chose to ignore the fact that there hadn’t been any pre-release reviews. We shouldnt have ignored the odd release date or the ridiculous amount of pre-release hype being pushed. But we did, and we bought it, and it was rubbish. I am talking of course, about the years biggest disappointment so far, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Kinect NAT GEO TV Review

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Pretty much everyone on the planet is familiar with National Geographic and their tireless work in bringing the outdoors into our homes with award winning success. Now they are endeavoring to bring their stories of the wild not only onto our homes but through our Xbox 360 and using Kinect.

2013 And The Return Of The Games Release List


The Christmas games release list for 2012 was, let’s be honest, pretty sparse. Publishers have started to take the the whole ‘lets release our game after COD’ too far now. Anyway, seeing as the world hasn’t ended, it does mean the first quarter and beyond of 2013 promises to see a plethora of great looking games.

Help Choose BioShock Infinite’s Reversible Cover

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Now the BioShock cover art shown in the picture above is far from brilliant. In fact, it’s rather boring and lame. But hope is kind of restored as creative lead Ken Levine has announced that the game will feature a reversible cover. Now this is the exciting part because you get to place a vote against which reversible cover you […]

Halo 4 – Campaign Review

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There was some surprise when Microsoft announced a new Halo game was in the works for the Xbox 360. Most people were aware that Bungie had ended their involvement with the franchise and that 343 had been given the job of taking on the massive task of continuing Microsoft’s flagship game. But many assumed any new Halo game would only be seen in the next gen. Microsoft had other ideas, however.