Burning Things Has Never Been So Much Fun – Little Inferno Review

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Platform: Wii UAlso On: PC, OSX, Linux Developer/Publisher: Tomorrow Corporation Rating: T (ESRB) / 12 (PEGI)  Indie developers really have taken a liking to the Wii U and this included a few chaps who had previously made a game called World Of Goo. They decided it would be an ample time to bring their next project Little Inferno to the […]

Shocking Fun – Rayman Legends Demo Thoughts

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It is not very often that a demo really pulls me in,  but by golly Rayman Legends pulled me in and I didn’t want to leave. I loved Rayman Origins, and at first glance Rayman Legends looks like Origins. It’s only when you start playing the game that you notice how beautiful it is. Not only do you now […]

The Wii U GamePad and Controller Pro Of Destiny

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The Wii U launched just under a week ago in the UK and Europe. I managed to get my paws on one and wanted to share my overall feelings on one of the fundematal aspects of a console and that’s the thing that lets you play the games, the controllers of course. I really want to focus on the two new players in […]

A Date With The Wii U

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    As you may know a few of the guys from Game-Modo attended an event in Manchester yesterday called Play Expo. One of the things I most wanted to check out was the Wii U section. I personally love the Wii but it did have its shortcomings in a few areas. Saying that, it was […]

The Wii Dilemma – Why I Love The Wii

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Whilst Paul Hates The Wii, Richard has a different opinion in The Wii Dilemma. I often look at the Wii like I look at Marmite, you either love it or hate it. For me, the Wii is something I love due to how it has opened the once illusive gaming world doors to the masses by offering a complete new way […]

PlayStation Move Review

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The Playstation Move is a motion controller designed by Sony for the Playstation 3 and competes with the Kinect for the Xbox 360 and the WiiMote for the Nintendo Wii.   History… Playstation Moves development began in 2001 and was put on the back burner until 2008 when Sony decided to re ignite the Move idea for […]