Game Over Videogames Interview With David Kaelin, CEO

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I visited Game Over Videogames in Austin, TX yesterday and spoke with CEO David Kaelin about the retro-inspired gaming store. Turns out this is one of five locations in Texas that buy and sell yesterday’s video games. Thing is, they don’t just have a bin somewhere for stuff people don’t want. They have an entire dedicated to what many of us grew up with. Whether you or someone you know lives in the Lone Star State, you as a gamer would most certainly enjoy these nostalgia-inducing locations. Take a look at the images, and either listen to the interview or read the transcript below.

On the Couch: Why I Enjoy Gaming


I enjoy gaming in my free time. There are reasons why I, and possibly why many others, enjoy spending some of their free time playing a video game. To me, it is an interactive interest that rewards the player with a feeling of accomplishment through active participation. Compared to books, TV, and movies, all major forms of entertainment in today’s media, video games bring to the couch some unique features.