The Walking Dead Picked Up For Second Season

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In TV land The Walking Dead is now in season four with season five already having been announced. The graphical novels could probably be classed as being in season nine or ten by now so it’s heartening to see the outstanding first season of the game get the sequel it deserves. Following on from the ‘emotional roller-coaster’ that is The Walking Dead: Season 1 we will soon get the chance to enter a state of emotional shock and turmoil in The Walking Dead: Season 2.

The Walking Dead: The Story So Far & Ep. 1 Review

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Starved For Help is the second episode of The Walking Dead adventure game was released a week ago. Can the second episode live up to the standards set by the first episode?
We will have more on that this weekend because here at Game-Modo, we haven’t actually talked about the first episode. So this will be about the backstory and the review of first episode of the game.