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Ryse Son of Rome

Do you remember Crytek, the developers behind the PC destroying titles Crysis and Crysis 3? Of course you do. Some of you may also remember them from earlier this year with the release of the extremely detailed Xbox One exclusive, Testudo Simulator, Ryse: Son of Rome. Well, a Xbox One exclusive no longer, for now it shall Ryse onto the lands of the PC, with 4K resolution support.

One Day At The Eurogamer Expo – The Roundup

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So I was at Eurogamer this last Sunday. In a stint that let me have 3 hours sleep out of 48, a sore throat from lots of talking and sore legs from lots of walking, I can say I’d still do it again. Albeit that could be because on the coach ride home I met a lovely female. However, that’s not a story for here. Here is for games, the talking about them and the playing of them.