Atomic Ninjas Review

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Atomic Ninjas is an easy game to jump into. Though not very deep of a jump, it offers a surprising bit of strategy and assortment of multiplayer options. Is this one of PS Vita’s best indie games?

Comradery: Thomas Was Alone Review

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thomas was alone

Minimalism. Entertainment. What is left when a video game is boiled down, leaving only the fun parts? Thomas Was Alone is a shining example of what would exist if a video game could only consist of what is needed to be solid entertainment, with no frills, and those results were put under a spotlight.

Mario Is Addicted To Coins – New Super Mario Bros 2 Review

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Developer: Nintendo EAD Publisher: NinendoRating: E (ESRB) / 12 (PEGI)   With the launch of the Wii U just around the corner in the UK and Europe I decided to finally finish playing some of my 3DS games. A game I did not really get featured the coin-addicted Mario in New Super Mario Bros 2. I am a rather huge […]

Halo 4 – Campaign Review

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There was some surprise when Microsoft announced a new Halo game was in the works for the Xbox 360. Most people were aware that Bungie had ended their involvement with the franchise and that 343 had been given the job of taking on the massive task of continuing Microsoft’s flagship game. But many assumed any new Halo game would only be seen in the next gen. Microsoft had other ideas, however.

Is It In Season – Sun Flowers Review

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I remember when I was a kid and seeing my dad reading the paper during Saturday breakfast, and I wanted to do the same but with games. That I wasn’t allowed to bring my Gameboy to the table, and the fact that both hands were a requirement defeated that notion.