PlayStation Move: Opinions After Two Years

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The PlayStation Move was released just over two years ago, ushering in motion-controlled gaming for PlayStation 3 owners in a deeper way than the EyeToy and SIXAXIS have provided. Richard and Travis share their experiences and opinions on the PlayStation Move.

Call of Duty: Next Gen Warfare?


Call of Duty is without doubt the current generations jewel in the crown, and more specifically the Modern Warfare trilogy. Warfare’s dominance of the first person shooter genre has broken all sorts of records, set new standards in online multi player, and managed to attract the casual gamer away from annual Fifa updates to a more core genre. Love it or loathe it, you cant help but admire it…

The Best First Person Shooters

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First Person Shooters is a genre that dominates modern gaming. Games like Call Of Duty, Halo, Killzone and Battlefield really show how far the genre has evolved from games like Doom and Wolfenstein. The guys at Game-Modo took on the task of each choosing three First Person Shooters they can call their favourites. Richard Dixon’s […]

An Interesting Year For Sony

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At the beginning of 2011, Sony set out to take the gaming world by the balls and re take its crown as the king of video game consoles. Sony had its plans in place to do this but they fell over some large hurdles along the way. Man did things start of bad for Sony, in January 2011 a […]

Resistance 3 – PlayStation 3 Review

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Resistance 2 never really felt right; it felt rather rushed and maybe that was its main issue a somewhat disjointed story and you never really felt you wanted to play to get to the next bit.  Insomniac have gone right back to the drawing board with Resistance 3 and brought back some great things such as the […]