Gamers & Sony: Give PS minis Another Look

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There’s an odd selection of games available for the PSP, PlayStation 3, and most recently, the PS Vita. These are mini games. They’re not very big games as they’re at times just around 20MB, they don’t have any online multiplayer, trophies, don’t usually have much depth, and sometimes are controlled with just one or two buttons. But I like these little games, and I want to see more of them. I can see why the minuscule games don’t get much recognition, though, and would like to express my views and suggestions as to why they should get another look from both gamers and Sony.

Dungeon Twister – Board Game Strategy on PSN

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Dungeon Twister, a board game designed by Chris Boelinger, is coming to the PSN July 3rd in the US thanks to developer Hydravision. The game will be available in other regions, release dates currently unknown. The description given on the US PlayStation blog is “a turn-based strategy game some describe as a mix between chess and Dungeons & Dragons”. A demo will be released in August, and good news – PSN avatars have been prepared. All of you wanting a fresh new monster mug to display on your profile might be in luck.

Escape Plan Receives Patch 1.01 Along With Free Prequel Pack

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Escape Plan, the black and white puzzle game for the PlayStation Vita, has received an update! The developer of the game has taken feedback about the game seriously and released update 1.01 on Tuesday, April 10th. Along with addressing various control issues, the star rating system for completed levels has been altered so swipes, taps, squeezes, and other gesture controls will not be taken into consideration – just time.

PS Vita Trailer-Bound

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As the launch of the PS Vita gets ever closer, Sonys marketing train goes into overdrive. In case you missed it, myself and Tunners have already been to the PS Vita rooms, which is a tour of the UK that lets you play the PS Vita and games before its launch on the 22nd February.  

Most Anticipated 2012

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Wow is all we can say about 2011, its been one hell of a year with big lows and huge highs, this will be a year most gamers will not forget. We have a lot to be excited about in 2012 with some massive games and consoles on the horizon. The Game-Modo lads have each […]

Why Should You Buy A Playstation Vita? Plus More PSVita News


Its a very good question and Eurogamer have created a video that tries to answer it.  I quite like some of the reactions from the first party devs to this and its very interesting how they are trying to show that the PSVita is much more than your typical handheld and more like a console. […]

PS Vita – Inside PS Vita

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I was doing some digging around on youtube, looking for videos on Uncharted: Golden Abyss and came across a really cool video made by Sony called “Inside PS Vita” Sony’s marketing juggernaut is in full swing now as it draws ever closer to the launch of the PS Vita in Japan, then a few months later in the UK/Europe […]

Japanese Playstation Vita Pre Orders Prefer 3G Version

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  According to Siliconera, 65% of PSVita pre-orders last week have been for he 3G model and 82% of all pre-orders also decided on a 32GB memory card. It Will be interesting to see what the trend of pre-orders will be like in the UK, my prediction is most people will chose the non 3G version […]

Playstation Vita Backwards Compatibility News

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Since the PSVita was announced Sony have said it will be backwards compatible,  The PSvita has no UMD slot so how can this be? The games according to Dengeki Playstation can be downloaded to the PSVita but at a price. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan have said that they will be considering a spacial offer where UMD owners can download the games at […]