Playstation 4 Has Liftoff – Good Sales Figures

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Sony are already having a good time this generation. Unlike last generation, they’ve got a head start – albeit measured in days and weeks, not months and years like Microsoft had last generation – and in the first day of the US launch, the Playstation 4 has sold through over one million units to customers.

One Day At The Eurogamer Expo – The Roundup

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So I was at Eurogamer this last Sunday. In a stint that let me have 3 hours sleep out of 48, a sore throat from lots of talking and sore legs from lots of walking, I can say I’d still do it again. Albeit that could be because on the coach ride home I met a lovely female. However, that’s not a story for here. Here is for games, the talking about them and the playing of them.

PS Vita TV: How Good Could Be Great

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As part of the Game-Modo team, Travis is of the opinion that the PS Vita TV could stand to receive some improvements before making its way to the west. Do you have any suggestions before or if the PS Vita TV launches in the west?

Say NO To PS Vita TV?

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What the heck is all this about then? Whilst stumbling through the vast void that is the internet, looking for juicy bits of PS Vita TV information I came across something that startled me. What is it that startled me I hear you asking? Well it was some people saying the PS Vita TV should not launch in the west, and their reasoning for this slightly baffles me.

The War Has Begun – Your Move, Microsoft

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It seems like we’ve been on the verge of it for a while now, and in fairness to Nintendo, it has already begun. But with Sony’s announcements this week, it feels like the Next Gen of consoles is really, finally on its way. Nintendo have got off to a reasonable, if slightly understated start. The Wii U has performed well enough, but apart from its first party efforts, games are based on the current gen. It seems like developers have been waiting for Sony and Microsoft to make their moves before announcing their intentions for new games, so perhaps soon the U will start to pick up pace, and potentially build up a steady fan base before the other contenders enter the ring.

PS4: Impressions, What’s Missing, & Looking Forward

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The gaming scene has been anxiously waiting for what’s next from PlayStation, and with last night’s news, everyone has plenty to talk about. Sony has stepped out with quite a showing, and left us with plenty to anticipate in the coming months leading towards E3 and what is assumed to be a November launch of the PlayStation 4. Steven, Travis, and Game-Modo reader Samuel give their thoughts below on announcement impressions, what was missing from the event, and what they want to hear next.

RUMOUR – PlayStation 4, Codenamed "Orbis" Out 2013

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Lots of rumours have been flying about recently regarding Microsoft’s next Xbox and Nintendo’s Wii U. Sony’s next console has been a little quiet and not much has been said regarding it until today that is. Sources revealed to Kotaku today that Sony’s next console will be named Orbis and will be released in time for Christmas 2013. It seems Sony is following a Latin theme with their consoles names. Vita means life in […]

The Playstation 4 Might be Like A Wii U?

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    Game website, Games Beat has identified that Sony sent through a Wii U like patent during 2010. The patent is called Position-Dependent Gaming 3-D controller, and Handheld as a Remote. If you check out bellow, a small section of the patent makes it sound very much like a Wii U: Methods and systems for using a […]