Say NO To PS Vita TV?

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What the heck is all this about then? Whilst stumbling through the vast void that is the internet, looking for juicy bits of PS Vita TV information I came across something that startled me. What is it that startled me I hear you asking? Well it was some people saying the PS Vita TV should not launch in the west, and their reasoning for this slightly baffles me.

Destination PlayStation 2013 Announced

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Destination PlayStation 2013 has been announced! From the site: “As our guests you’ll be treated to…a first look at all the amazing new releases coming from Sony Computer Entertainment America in 2013.”

What do you think will be announced? New games for existing franchises? New IPs for the PS3 or PS Vita?

PlayStation Advertising: All Gaming Ads Should Be This Weird

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Sony is not known for the amount of marketing it does for its products, but they are known for the odd method in which they market their games and systems. When you look at how they advertise, you’ve really got to give them an E for effort. They take risks, for that they should be commended. While they might not appeal to everyone, in my opinion the advertisements Sony uses to market their products are great. We just need more of them.

PlayStation 3D TV Review

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Back in E3 2011 when PlayStation first showed off this TV, I was jumping for joy. Why? Because for $500, not only was it going to come with the TV, but it also brought its own HDMI cable, a pair of 3D glasses, and it was to also come with Resistance 3 (I love the Resistance series).

"The Art of Journey" Book: Now With Augmented Reality

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A fan of Journey, this year’s hit PlayStation Network game, are you? Happen to enjoy the art style, do you? Then take note! The book, released in September, now takes advantage of augmented reality (AR). That means all the pretty pictures in the book can come to life – through the use of your Android or iOS enabled devices that have front and rear cameras.

Play Expo – Retro Heaven


This weekend’s Play Expo in Manchester, UK was an amazing event. We’ve already had Richard’s early impressions of the Wii U from the event, but for me the main draw of the show was rubbing shoulders with Harley Quinn. No, okay it wasn’t, but it was a close second.