Gangsters Go Wild – New Omerta Update

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If you’ve read the Omerta review I wrote back in February you’ll know that Omerta was a bit of a let-down and resulted in some disappointment. The disappointment wasn’t due to a lack of scantily clad females as the name may imply, I can find that in Mafia 2, but the lack of challenge and the over-simplified nature of the empire-building phase. A new update has been announced that looks to ease my suffering called An Offer You Can’t Refuse. Can I refuse it?

What I’ve Played – Omerta: City Of Gangsters

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From the combined efforts of Haemimont Games and Kalypso Media, the partnership that brings us the ever-charming Tropico franchise, comes Omerta: City of Gangsters. Sat on a mountain of bullets, booze and cash, I’ve dropped the mantle of El Presidente and taken up that of capo di tutti capi. After many days of hard work and empire building I’m finally ready to tell you what I think.