Gaming While Deployed In The Military


While in the military, I was deployed to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Each time, I brought a different portable gaming system with me. Though each deployment was different, each has a shared memory of spending my time off enjoying a video game in a place far removed from my couch at home. I’ll leave out the military details and focus on the gaming.

Aliens: Infestation – Nintendo DS Review

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I’ve recently re-acquired a Nintendo DS, under the thin excuse of it being for my daughter. Its been a while since I had my original brick like silver DS which I adopted on day one. But as with the Wii, its appeal quickly withered and ended up being sold off. Since then, there have been a few games I’ve had my eye on and this was one of those that was near the top of the list…

Nintendo 3DS – Is It Really All That Great?

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  Its a nearly a year since we greeted the 3DS the UK, and with it came a wave of, well, mild curiosity.   The release of the 3DS was a reasonable success. The launch line up of games saw a nice mix of Nintendo franchises and plenty of third party support, including Street Fighter […]

Mobile Phones Will Be The Death Of Handheld Gaming Devices


Every year, for the past few years I’ve had people telling me that mobile phones will replace handheld gaming devices. It’s an interesting thought and you can’t overlook the success of gaming on the iPhone/iOS and recently Android devices. What I find more interesting on this matter though is how many people doomed the Nintendo 3DS before it was […]

Most Pirated Games Of 2011

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Argh matey… Ahem, less with the pirate talk as we have this years most pirated games. Whats crazy is Super Mario Galaxy on he Wii is the most pirated game of the year, that’s possibly more than it has actually sold. As for the Playstation 3 being hacked n all this year, it has had the least […]

I’m a Marvel. and I’m a DC…based video game.


Its fair to say that when the inevitable top ten lists for 2011 start rolling in, a game that will feature prominently in a lot of ‘Best of 2011′ lists, will be Batman Arkham City. And rightly so. Its an amazing game that managed to expand on the original, add more of everything, and yet retain its dark and at times bleak look at some of the core characters from the Caped Crusaders comic book origins.