What I’ve Played – Tank Operations: European Campaign

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War, war never changes, especially when it’s World War II. Change or not, WWII is likely the most covered piece of history in all of popular culture. Games have had a long love affair with it, even though there’s been some recent neglect from First Person Shooters. Strategy games, on the other hand, have kept up this affair and will always continue go hand-in-hand with the war. Following this trend we have a new strategy game, Tank Operations: European Campaign by indie developers Linked Dimensions, and here’s what I think of my time as commander of the Allies.

What I’ve Played – Blood Knights

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05 - Succubus

Self-flagellation is an interesting part of human nature. We all have a tendency to punish ourselves, either by watching B Movies, playing what can only be called B Games or simply whipping ourselves until it bleeds while bleating like a lost calf. What makes flagellation interesting is that we do it because we enjoy it. Blood Knights, the story of Jeremy the vampire hunter and Alysa, the moody vampiress, is something that you will either love or hate. Here’s what I think.

What I’ve Played – Air Conflicts: Vietnam

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Vietnam. You don’t give answers, do you friend? Just questions that don’t ever end. One such question is why, god, why? Or you could also ask why there is obviously an invisible target on the back of your plane and/or chopper that makes you the sole target of every enemy fighter in the country. This is Vietnam, you are in the air and there are conflicts. This is Air Conflicts Vietnam.

What I’ve Played – Rise Of Venice

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02 - Vesuvius

There was a time when trading exotic spices, simple cloth, pottery and bricks was a profitable and even lucrative business, even while the items were being transported in ships that would only fit a few of our modern containers. We Brits dominated this world trade for a long period of time but there was always room for other local, regional and global trading groups. Some of these groups started in a city by the sea, Venice.

Peninsular Trading: Rise of Venice

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A general rule of thumb in business is to stick to what you know and be great at that. This means that a retailer, say Game, wouldn’t own their own shipping company to deliver their stock. It wouldn’t make sense, just outsource. Well, here in Rise of Venice you’ll do exactly as the Venetians were want to do, everything.

The Dark Eye: Demonicon

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Whenever I hear the word Demonicon I think of the Necronomicon. But no, that was the book of the dead. This is, as evidently named, the book of the demon.

What I’ve Played – DARK

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01 - Feeding

There are so many types of vampires nowadays it’s getting hard to keep track of them all. Some sparkle, most don’t. The odd few can go out into the light where for most it’s damaging to fatal. What they all do is drink a bit of blood, either straight from the source or as a stylish drink. Eric Bane, while being new to the scene, is no different in his new-found preference of hemoglobin. What’s it like being a vampire in the world of DARK? Why not sit down, grab a bite and find out.

Gangsters Go Wild – New Omerta Update

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If you’ve read the Omerta review I wrote back in February you’ll know that Omerta was a bit of a let-down and resulted in some disappointment. The disappointment wasn’t due to a lack of scantily clad females as the name may imply, I can find that in Mafia 2, but the lack of challenge and the over-simplified nature of the empire-building phase. A new update has been announced that looks to ease my suffering called An Offer You Can’t Refuse. Can I refuse it?

DARK Trailers: See Vampire Fight

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DARK Neckbiting

A few months ago I mentioned DARK and how I liked the look, or at least the sound, of it. I’ve been after a fix of Vampire action since the memorable experience that is Vampire: The Masquerade each and every time I play it. Kalypso are offering at least an experience, will it be as good as what I want?