Impressions – Endless Legend Early Access

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Amplitude are back, the team behind Endless space and Dungeon of the Endless – the latter which somehow managed to fit every single genre known to man inside one, small, game – have released their new strategy game into the realms of Early Access. Here they’ve been a little less ambitious, only sticking to around three or four genres this time. Do we have yet another great game from Amplitude or have they finally slipped? Here’s what I think so far.

Impressions – Dungeon of the Endless Early Access

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02 - Starting Off

Dungeon of the Endless is a Roguelike that’s also booked on the Early Access freight train. Not only that, it’s also got a toe dipped into the waters of Tower Defense, seemingly determined to appear on one list this year by being part of every genre there is. It’s still early days, with many features to come, but is this game a varied joy or a mangled mess? This is what I think so far.

Impressions – State Of Decay Early Access

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As we are all quite aware, zombie games are a rare breed in modern times. Even rarer than a zombie game is a truly great zombie game. In that latter category we’ve recently had Day Z, The Walking Dead – the good adventure one, not the shitty action one, Project Zomboid and a newcomer in State of Decay. Does that give away my impressions? Possibly so, but it’s not all freshly reincarnated roses.

Impressions – Horizon Alpha

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04 - The Milky Way

Iceberg Interactive seem to be on a one team conservation effort of the 4X space strategy genre as of late, in the past nine months they’ve published Gemini Wars, Armada 2526, StarDrive and now Horizon which has just released on the alpha access section of Steam. This isn’t a complaint, more strategy games is a positive, provided they’re good. Is Horizon good? It’s early days to judge the end result, it’s open hunting season on the Alpha though.

Impressions – Dusty Revenge Demo

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Dusty Revenge is an action platformer with a wild-west inspired tale of murder, revenge and anger. Featuring the usual suspects: the completely evil bad-guy, the dead love interest, the constantly-brooding protagonist and of course the ever present Artillery Bear. All hail Artillery Bear.

Impressions – Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm Beta

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05 - Overwatch

War, huh. Good god, y’all. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. That’s what Edwin Starr thought anyway. There’s no doubting that war is a bit of a bugger and none is more representative of this than the second world war. This brutal war has been remembered in video games countless times and one of the best of the bunch, Tripwire Interactive, have been very adept at making possibly the most realistic WW2 games with Red Orchestra, Red Orchestra 2 and now Rising storm.

Impressions – Smugglers 5 Beta

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During the past two days I’ve been playing a bit of the Smugglers 5 beta by Niels Bauer Games and in between trading as much illegal contraband as I could, a few missions here and there and gaining loads of experience I’ve been in fights with pirates and police, upgraded to a new ship twice and found myself completely lost on what to do.

Impressions – Castle Story Prototype

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Does it make sense to do an impressions post on a game that isn’t even close to Alpha yet? Not really, but I hope to do at least two more impressions posts about Castle story. The first will be when it hits Alpha and the second when it hits Beta; this will be able to show the improvements made in the game as it goes on through development