Dark Souls II Is Cursed With A New Trailer

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Dark Souls II Cursed Header

Dark Souls II is one of this years big games to keep a look out for, we’re all quite aware of that. So that means when a new trailer comes out, it’s worth having a look. Oh sure, we don’t get to see any gameplay, but we know what that’s going to be already. What we get to see is some brilliant monster designs.

One Day At The Eurogamer Expo – The Roundup

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So I was at Eurogamer this last Sunday. In a stint that let me have 3 hours sleep out of 48, a sore throat from lots of talking and sore legs from lots of walking, I can say I’d still do it again. Albeit that could be because on the coach ride home I met a lovely female. However, that’s not a story for here. Here is for games, the talking about them and the playing of them.