Survive This Kickstarter – Pathologic Reborn

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Pathologic overview

There once was a game called Pathologic. Well, Pathologic is still a game, an old ugly looking game, but one of the best games you will ever have the joys of playing. Why am I mentioning this? Because Ice-Pick Lodge want to remake it (to a degree), and they want you to help them fund it through Kickstarter.

What’s In The Box? Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, That’s What.

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Kevin Spacey Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has a story trailer. Now, I have yet to watch this trailer or even care to read much about Advanced Warfare, but my seer-like powers tell me that a world superpower (USA?) will be knocked back into the stone-age in some highly implausible, if not impossible, way and they will then fight against the odds to win. On that note, let’s watch the story trailer.

What I (Would)’ve Played – Rambo The Video Game

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I’ll be the first to admit when I first saw the trailer for the Rambo game, I was intrigued. “I will play this,” I thought to myself “If only for a laugh”. Thankfully I never did dip into my generally empty wallet, taking away valuable booze money, because every bit of evidence points to the game being arse.