Resident Evil – GameCube Retro Game Review

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Remakes, reboots, revamps and HD collections. It seems every game from yester-year is being dragged into the current gen for a new audience, for the experience, of course and in no way just to be a quick cash-in on older titles. Remakes are not a new thing however. Films are always being remade. Some need it – for example a lot of John Carpenter films are good ideas but not that well made, and the remakes usually end up being quite good. And the same can be said about the PSOne game.

Super Smash TV – Retro Review

Nintendo Retro Reviews

Smash TV was originally an arcade game, whose game mechanics borrowed heavily from another arcade game, Robotron 2084. Using twin sticks to simultaneously move and shoot, players were thrust into a future world game show, not to dissimilar to Schwarzeneggers Running Man movie, or The Hunger Games if you are younger than me…

Captain America And The Avengers – Retro SNES Review

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The Avengers movie is nearly here. Years of planning ahead, sowing the seeds and developing characters in movies like Iron Man and Thor, we’ll soon find out if it was all worth it. At the moment, there is little to no word on whether any official game tie-in is on the cards for the future, but based on this game from 1993, the Avengers may not be welcomed back to the gaming world…

Alien 3 – Retro-Modo SNES Review

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Seeing the new trailer for Ridley Scotts Alien prequel Prometheus, has really given me the ‘bug’ for that world again. Aliens is one of my favourite films of all time, and any game linked to the xenomorphs, immediately has my attention.

Star Wars The Phantom Menace – Playstation Retro-Modo Review

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Star wars fever is here again! George Lucas fills his bank account again! Cynical yes, but true. If you haven’t had chance to see the Phantom Menace in all its 3D’ness, give it a go, its still a mess of a film, but the pod race and Darth Maul make it just about worth it. What we don’t have to worry about though, is a re-release of the game that came out at the time of the original versions release….

Blue Shadow Retro-Modo NES Review

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If there was one type of game the NES did well, it was the arcade action platformer. And if there was one type of character that suited this genre, it was the ninja. The 8-bit era had lots on ninjas. Blue Shadow had two of them. The first boy/girl team in game history no less.