Controlling It Or Us: Game-Modo’s Favorite Gaming Controllers

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Over the years people have been blessed with some rather innovative control methods for playing video games. The Game-Modo guys look through their box of game controllers and share with you the best of the bunch. _____________________________________________________________________________ Richard Dixon’s Choice Is:   SNES Controller What would favourite gaming controller write up would it be if someone did not select the […]

I Hate To See You Go, But I Love To Watch You Leave.

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I’ve been gaming for a long time now. My interest began when I saw adverts for the original Gameboy back in 1991. I got my first Gameboy at Christmas that year, and my gaming habit has stuck with me ever since. Gaming back then was a lot different, from what I remember. Obviously, games and consoles have moved on as technology has improved and the way games are played and the types of games we play now have all evolved since the early days.

Resident Evil – GameCube Retro Game Review

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Remakes, reboots, revamps and HD collections. It seems every game from yester-year is being dragged into the current gen for a new audience, for the experience, of course and in no way just to be a quick cash-in on older titles. Remakes are not a new thing however. Films are always being remade. Some need it – for example a lot of John Carpenter films are good ideas but not that well made, and the remakes usually end up being quite good. And the same can be said about the PSOne game.

The Game’s Bond…James Bond.

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In the world of both games and movies, there aren’t many characters that reach the age of 50, and still receive the amount of hype and attention one character is currently receiving. On October 5th, England’s most famous secret agent will reach his 50th anniversary and its fair to say that Bond, James Bond will sink a few vodka martinis to celebrate. As Game-Modos chief Bond fan, I thought it would be a good time to have a look back through 007’s gaming career.