What I’ve Played – Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar

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01 - The Battlefield

Three years ago was, I believe, the first time I bought a game directly from a developer based on just a quick look at trailers, having read no reviews. The quality of this game, Hegemony: Phillip of Macedon by Longbow Games, could be what led to my proclivity of taking risks with lesser known games, leading to more and more crap in my gaming library. Three years later, we have a second Hegemony, Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar. Does this live up to the predecessor? Do I hold a grudge? Let’s find out.

Impressions – Endless Legend Early Access

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00 - Endless Legend Header

Amplitude are back, the team behind Endless space and Dungeon of the Endless – the latter which somehow managed to fit every single genre known to man inside one, small, game – have released their new strategy game into the realms of Early Access. Here they’ve been a little less ambitious, only sticking to around three or four genres this time. Do we have yet another great game from Amplitude or have they finally slipped? Here’s what I think so far.

What I’ve Played – Infested Planet

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00 - Infested Planet Header

Infested Planet, developed by relative newcomers Rocket Bear Games, is a real time tactics game combined with a bit of tower defense and seemingly taking a few cues from Space Invaders, filling the whole world with the enemies who will endlessly spawn if you can’t somehow break through the trillions of enemies and finally demolish one of the many hives. Is this as arduous as it sounds? Here’s what I think.

What I’ve Played – Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge

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04 - Cops

I’m always a big fan of console games finally making their way to PC shores. This is because we PC folks are a friendly, accepting, group of people. We’re happy to accept all games of all genres, more so when they’re suited for our format of choice. However, at the same time we also don’t like to feel like we’re being fobbed off with badly thought out or shoddily optimized ports. Does Zombie Tycoon have the brains, or is it dead on arrival? Here’s what I think.

What I’ve Played – Tank Operations: European Campaign

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00 - Tank Operations Header

War, war never changes, especially when it’s World War II. Change or not, WWII is likely the most covered piece of history in all of popular culture. Games have had a long love affair with it, even though there’s been some recent neglect from First Person Shooters. Strategy games, on the other hand, have kept up this affair and will always continue go hand-in-hand with the war. Following this trend we have a new strategy game, Tank Operations: European Campaign by indie developers Linked Dimensions, and here’s what I think of my time as commander of the Allies.

What I’ve Played – Blood Knights

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05 - Succubus

Self-flagellation is an interesting part of human nature. We all have a tendency to punish ourselves, either by watching B Movies, playing what can only be called B Games or simply whipping ourselves until it bleeds while bleating like a lost calf. What makes flagellation interesting is that we do it because we enjoy it. Blood Knights, the story of Jeremy the vampire hunter and Alysa, the moody vampiress, is something that you will either love or hate. Here’s what I think.

What I’ve Played – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst

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01 - Ultimate Rasengan

Uzumaki Naruto is a character that has never officially made the leap to PC before, tending to stay in safer grounds like the consoles and the Hidden Leaf Village. Well, this little ninja has decided to take that risk is necessary and make that transition. What we have is the updated version of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm with extra content, fixes and changes. Has this move been worth it? Here’s what I think.

What I’ve Played – Air Conflicts: Vietnam

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00 - Air Conflicts Header

Vietnam. You don’t give answers, do you friend? Just questions that don’t ever end. One such question is why, god, why? Or you could also ask why there is obviously an invisible target on the back of your plane and/or chopper that makes you the sole target of every enemy fighter in the country. This is Vietnam, you are in the air and there are conflicts. This is Air Conflicts Vietnam.

What I’ve Played – Saints Row IV

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SRIV Avatar

If somebody had said a few months ago that Saints Row IV would be a generic shooter, a Metal Gear Solid Clone, a Godzilla Ripoff, a risque text adventure, a Streets of Rage clone and the best damn superhero game ever made, all at the same time, I would have asked them to share the rather potent drugs they’d been taking and then have them sectioned because obviously they’d be stark raving mad, right? Wrong. Here’s what I think of the rather schizophrenic Saints Row IV.

What I’ve Played – Beatbuddy: Tale Of The Guardians

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00 - Header

Move to the music. Play that f[NO]ing music. Move it to the music, yeah (Let’s get it on).
Move to my music. Play that f[NO]ing music. Live through my music, yeah!

That is exactly what happens in Beatbuddy. You move to the music, you live through the music. Not the same sort of music as the above, but it’s still music, possibly better music actually because it’s significantly less violent. Is the moving to and living through said music a good thing? Here’s what I think.