Nintendo To Pay Royalties For Every 3DS

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Patents are an evil thing. Though they’re good as well. It all depends if they protect innovators who use the technology they make, but there are too many companies who hold patents and just use it to punish any company who want to improve technology. It all depends on the situation, either way – Nintendo have just lost a suit and have to pay out around $100 million.

Game Modo: Game Of The Year

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01 - Some of the Team

So it’s the end of the year here in blighty. In about four hours the sky will be full of shiny lights and explosions, possibly with a few accidents that maim the young idiots that are using fireworks in ways that they are never meant to be used. We need less of this misery now, so let’s move onto happier moments and those moments are from my Game(s) of The Year.

October 12, 2013: The Day The Nintendo Bashing Died

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No, not all Nintendo bashing dies on Saturday, just the crap about the 2DS and Nintendo’s refusal to publish games on iOS. There will still be plenty of people criticising Nintendo and their steadfast refusal to do anything other than their own thing, but after that date, those critics will be crowing about what they wish Nintendo would do instead of what they think Nintendo needs to do to save themselves.

Top 5 Disturbing Video Game Characters

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Lately, like many fellow game fanatics I have been hooked on Grand Theft Auto V. Every man and his dog knows about one of the three protagonists known as Trevor Philips. This character is hilariously funny with his antics but on a whim he becomes ultra disturbing. This got me thinking of what I think are the most disturbing video game characters.