Quite Barren – Lifeless Planet Released

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Lifeless Planet 1

I like the look of Lifeless Planet, a space-bound adventure game where you roam around on a completely different planet. Although what draws me to it is the setting, an alien planet with an abandoned Russian town, more than anything else, the exploratory and puzzle based gameplay all sounds quite interesting.

Steam And Share Alike – Family Sharing Open To All

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Way back in the olden days of September 2013 Valve released Family and Friends sharing into closed beta. While I did get into this closed beta, I used it a grand total of zero times, due to the way it has to be set up between accounts. Well, it’s now open to all and I’ll probably still not share my library with anybody.

Welcome to the Brotherhood – Renegade X Released

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Did you ever play Command & Conquer: Renegade? No? Neither did a lot of people, and a number of those that did play it, didn’t like it. However, I was one of the few that did enjoy it and I have to assume the guys over at Totem Arts did too. Why? Well they have made a massive and free updated version, Renegade X, and it’s now in open beta.

Welcome To The New World – Banished

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Banished Snow

Banished is a game I’ve been following for a while now and, with what I’ve read and seen about it, I like to think of it as a Roanoke simulator. Well this Roanoke simulator has finally been launched into the world, to test your ability to survive and colonise the new world, or at least a new world.

Thief Roundup – Trailers, Gamplay and Clairvoyance

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Thief Vid Screencap

Thief is coming out soon. Another reboot of another classic franchise that may, or may not, be done justice. Will Thief be good or bad? That is the question that haunts us all, or just me. Well there’s enough material out there for me to be a git and decide if I think it’ll be good or not, let’s find out.

MechWarrior No: Hawken Will Move To Steam

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Hawken Screeny

Hawken is a game about giant people powered mechs demolishing themselves on the battlefield. It’s also a game that looks to have exceptional visuals as you and other people shoot eachother to death, or to whatever counts as death for a giant hulking lump of metal with weapons attached. I wonder what robot heaven is like? It could possibly be what is coming up, Hawken being released on Steam.

Not Really Gaming News – Steam Music

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Steam Music Library

Valve have expanded Steam long beyond the original idea as a game delivery system and storefront. Hell, it’s turning more into a social site to compete with the likes of Facebook* each day. Todays new inclusion isn’t the inclusion of more playing cards or a tamagotchi/Pokémon style accessory, no, todays new addition is music.