What I’ve Played – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

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02 - Blast

Dragon Ball Z has always been an Animé/Manga with a staggering popularity, both in its native land of Japan and also overseas, particularly in the US and the UK. This popularity was always going to ensure a number of game adaptations, but what has also helped has been a number of strong games that have used the DBZ license well, particularly the Budokai Tenkaichi series. Is this another game doing the franchise justice, or is it one that doesn’t help at all? That’s what I’m here to find out.

What I’ve Played – Blood Knights

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05 - Succubus

Self-flagellation is an interesting part of human nature. We all have a tendency to punish ourselves, either by watching B Movies, playing what can only be called B Games or simply whipping ourselves until it bleeds while bleating like a lost calf. What makes flagellation interesting is that we do it because we enjoy it. Blood Knights, the story of Jeremy the vampire hunter and Alysa, the moody vampiress, is something that you will either love or hate. Here’s what I think.

What I’ve Played – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst

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01 - Ultimate Rasengan

Uzumaki Naruto is a character that has never officially made the leap to PC before, tending to stay in safer grounds like the consoles and the Hidden Leaf Village. Well, this little ninja has decided to take that risk is necessary and make that transition. What we have is the updated version of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm with extra content, fixes and changes. Has this move been worth it? Here’s what I think.

What I’ve Played – Air Conflicts: Vietnam

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00 - Air Conflicts Header

Vietnam. You don’t give answers, do you friend? Just questions that don’t ever end. One such question is why, god, why? Or you could also ask why there is obviously an invisible target on the back of your plane and/or chopper that makes you the sole target of every enemy fighter in the country. This is Vietnam, you are in the air and there are conflicts. This is Air Conflicts Vietnam.

What I’ve Played – Saints Row IV

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SRIV Avatar

If somebody had said a few months ago that Saints Row IV would be a generic shooter, a Metal Gear Solid Clone, a Godzilla Ripoff, a risque text adventure, a Streets of Rage clone and the best damn superhero game ever made, all at the same time, I would have asked them to share the rather potent drugs they’d been taking and then have them sectioned because obviously they’d be stark raving mad, right? Wrong. Here’s what I think of the rather schizophrenic Saints Row IV.

What I’ve Played – DARK

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01 - Feeding

There are so many types of vampires nowadays it’s getting hard to keep track of them all. Some sparkle, most don’t. The odd few can go out into the light where for most it’s damaging to fatal. What they all do is drink a bit of blood, either straight from the source or as a stylish drink. Eric Bane, while being new to the scene, is no different in his new-found preference of hemoglobin. What’s it like being a vampire in the world of DARK? Why not sit down, grab a bite and find out.

Kinect NAT GEO TV Review

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Kinect Nat Geo TV - Front

Pretty much everyone on the planet is familiar with National Geographic and their tireless work in bringing the outdoors into our homes with award winning success. Now they are endeavoring to bring their stories of the wild not only onto our homes but through our Xbox 360 and using Kinect.

Oh Lordy – Warlords Review

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Could a once arcade and Atari fan favorite return and reclaim its title of best party game in a generation where FPS titles dominate the scene? Or does sitting on the sidelines for over 30 years age it to the point where it stumbles onto the gaming world in a wheelchair and a walker?

Halo 4 – Campaign Review

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There was some surprise when Microsoft announced a new Halo game was in the works for the Xbox 360. Most people were aware that Bungie had ended their involvement with the franchise and that 343 had been given the job of taking on the massive task of continuing Microsoft’s flagship game. But many assumed any new Halo game would only be seen in the next gen. Microsoft had other ideas, however.

I Am Alive Review

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After being in development since 2008 and going through two development teams, I am Alive proved that it was resilient and not going to be killed. Darkworks was the original studio working on the game from ’08 till around ’10 when it came as a “mutual decision” that Ubisoft Shanghai would finish the game.