Impressions – Dungeon of the Endless Early Access

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02 - Starting Off

Dungeon of the Endless is a Roguelike that’s also booked on the Early Access freight train. Not only that, it’s also got a toe dipped into the waters of Tower Defense, seemingly determined to appear on one list this year by being part of every genre there is. It’s still early days, with many features to come, but is this game a varied joy or a mangled mess? This is what I think so far.

More Events: When Things Need To Calm Down


I’m a firm believer in the power of shutting up. There are a number of sayings, such as “Silence is golden”. Okay, that’s actually the only one I know, but bear with me. Yesterday had another round of gender-related controversy and drama here in video-game land, what I’m now calling Journalist Gate. I’m no saint, nor am I some sort of Mandela-style fighter for the greater good, I simply don’t have that conviction. I’ll speak out when I see things happening and they directly go against my personal ideals, this has happened.

Game Modo: Game Of The Year

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01 - Some of the Team

So it’s the end of the year here in blighty. In about four hours the sky will be full of shiny lights and explosions, possibly with a few accidents that maim the young idiots that are using fireworks in ways that they are never meant to be used. We need less of this misery now, so let’s move onto happier moments and those moments are from my Game(s) of The Year.

Terminal Reality Shut Down


Terminal Reality are, or were, one of the few reasonably big named independent studios. Also one of the companies that you will undoubtedly have mixed feelings about. Either way, they appear to have shut down, going by the post on Facebook by one of the former veterans of the studio.

Disgaea D2 Limited Edition Unboxing


So my Disgaea D2 Limited Edition with guide arrived a few week after the US release date. (The guide cause the delay) You may ask why I would buy the US version of this Nippon Ichi Software America game, the answer is simple 1. You can only get the Limited Edition from the NISA store, […]

October 12, 2013: The Day The Nintendo Bashing Died

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No, not all Nintendo bashing dies on Saturday, just the crap about the 2DS and Nintendo’s refusal to publish games on iOS. There will still be plenty of people criticising Nintendo and their steadfast refusal to do anything other than their own thing, but after that date, those critics will be crowing about what they wish Nintendo would do instead of what they think Nintendo needs to do to save themselves.

Beyond Two Souls Special Edition Unboxing

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Beyond Two Souls recently launched in America and is set to launch in the UK/Europe on the 11th October. So far the game has been getting a lot of mixed reviews from gamers and review sites alike. Danny just got hold of the ultra sexy limited edition version.