Happy Easter From Sega Got Me Thinking

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Happy Easter Sega - Game-Modo

Sega have sent out a Happy Easter message featuring the brand new Sonic design from Sonic Boom and some rather big eggs that kind of look like they are from a Billy Hatcher game. Could this be a clue to a new Billy Hatcher game?

Impressions – Dungeon of the Endless Early Access

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02 - Starting Off

Dungeon of the Endless is a Roguelike that’s also booked on the Early Access freight train. Not only that, it’s also got a toe dipped into the waters of Tower Defense, seemingly determined to appear on one list this year by being part of every genre there is. It’s still early days, with many features to come, but is this game a varied joy or a mangled mess? This is what I think so far.

More Events: When Things Need To Calm Down


I’m a firm believer in the power of shutting up. There are a number of sayings, such as “Silence is golden”. Okay, that’s actually the only one I know, but bear with me. Yesterday had another round of gender-related controversy and drama here in video-game land, what I’m now calling Journalist Gate. I’m no saint, nor am I some sort of Mandela-style fighter for the greater good, I simply don’t have that conviction. I’ll speak out when I see things happening and they directly go against my personal ideals, this has happened.