What I’ve Played – Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge

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I’m always a big fan of console games finally making their way to PC shores. This is because we PC folks are a friendly, accepting, group of people. We’re happy to accept all games of all genres, more so when they’re suited for our format of choice. However, at the same time we also don’t like to feel like we’re being fobbed off with badly thought out or shoddily optimized ports. Does Zombie Tycoon have the brains, or is it dead on arrival? Here’s what I think.

Blik-0 1946 – Not What It Sounds Like

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Or maybe it is what it sounds like. I’m not quite sure. When I hear the name of this new game by the everlasting target of all my love, Nobuo Uematsu, I think of a particular scene from Lethal Weapon 2. References to the apartheid aside, this is a game by Nobuo Uematsu and being published by Acttil. Not to mention it’s a pretty looking game at that.

What I’ve Played – FIM Speedway GP 2013

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My first ever review here was about FIM Speedway GP 2012 and I remember it being quite negative. I mentioned the controls being limited to simply turning left, there only being one racing line and that if you drifted off of it, you crippled your chances of ever winning that race. Well I’m happy to say that some of these issues have been fixed. Here’s what I think of the overall experience.

Free PS Mobile Game Every Week for Six Weeks!

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OK, this was actually announced last Wednesday, but being busy with the recent site upgrade, this slipped my mind. I just picked up Samurai Beatdown…for free! PlayStation Mobile games are updated in the store each Wednesday. For the next six weeks, expect a free PS Mobile game each week, to be announced each Tuesday in the week’s PlayStation Store update details.