OMG HD Zombies Review

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OMGHDZ 01 - Blood Everywhere

Based on the mini game OMG-Z, OMG HD Zombies is a remake for the PS Vita that shows the developer had some things left on the table after releasing the original. To be as direct as the game is, I will say: download this game for your Vita if you like zombie games.

Atomic Ninjas Review

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Atomic Ninjas is an easy game to jump into. Though not very deep of a jump, it offers a surprising bit of strategy and assortment of multiplayer options. Is this one of PS Vita’s best indie games?

PS Vita TV: How Good Could Be Great

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As part of the Game-Modo team, Travis is of the opinion that the PS Vita TV could stand to receive some improvements before making its way to the west. Do you have any suggestions before or if the PS Vita TV launches in the west?

3DS XL and PS Vita Need Deployment Bundles

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The Nintendo 3DS XL and the PlayStation Vita are both great portable gaming systems. As someone who has deployed in the US military with a Nintendo DS one time, and with a Sony PSP for another, I can attest to the how much fun can be had with either a portable Nintendo or Sony device during downtime overseas.

BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Coming to PS Vita

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BreakQuest: Extra Evolution, the awesome PS mini bloc-breaker game, is coming to the PS Vita as a freemium game with several enhancements. Europe players will get the game next week, while US players will be able to break some blocks the week after.

Velocity Ultra Interview

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Velocity, a PlayStation mini – has been remade for the PS Vita as Velocity Ultra. The game is now available in Europe, and those of us in the US are waiting for our shot. Game-Modo spoke with James Marsden, Managing Director at Futurlab, to learn more about the game.