Send Your Money Into Space: Offworld Trading Company Costs $80

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Okay, so entrance into the prototype phase will cost you $80. But that’s not all, you get to make this leap with no real knowledge about the game other than the developer is Soren Johnson (Designer of Civilization IV) and his own team, Mohawk Games. There are no videos, screenshots or even comments about the game for the public to see because it’s all locked under a NDA. Hmm.

Banish Your Fears – Banished Gets Mod Support

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Banished Snow

Hopefully the upcoming inclusion of mods will make the unforgiving difficulty meld away, if only slightly, through the ingenuity of the community and their work, while lowering the suicide rate amongst the remainder of the Banished community.

What I’ve Played – Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar

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01 - The Battlefield

Three years ago was, I believe, the first time I bought a game directly from a developer based on just a quick look at trailers, having read no reviews. The quality of this game, Hegemony: Phillip of Macedon by Longbow Games, could be what led to my proclivity of taking risks with lesser known games, leading to more and more crap in my gaming library. Three years later, we have a second Hegemony, Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar. Does this live up to the predecessor? Do I hold a grudge? Let’s find out.

Impressions – Endless Legend Early Access

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Amplitude are back, the team behind Endless space and Dungeon of the Endless – the latter which somehow managed to fit every single genre known to man inside one, small, game – have released their new strategy game into the realms of Early Access. Here they’ve been a little less ambitious, only sticking to around three or four genres this time. Do we have yet another great game from Amplitude or have they finally slipped? Here’s what I think so far.

Spring Cleaning – Humble Bundle Store Sale

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It’s getting close to that time of the year again. You know the time, Steam Summer Sale time. I’m guessing it’ll be here in about two months. However, a solitary shot has been fired to mark the start of this warring period, that first shot has been fired by Humble in their very own spring sale.

What I’ve Played – Infested Planet

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Infested Planet, developed by relative newcomers Rocket Bear Games, is a real time tactics game combined with a bit of tower defense and seemingly taking a few cues from Space Invaders, filling the whole world with the enemies who will endlessly spawn if you can’t somehow break through the trillions of enemies and finally demolish one of the many hives. Is this as arduous as it sounds? Here’s what I think.