Happy Easter From Sega Got Me Thinking

Happy Easter Sega - Game-Modo

Above you can see a Happy Easter message from Sega featuring the brand new Sonic design from Sonic Boom and some rather big eggs that kind of look like they are from a Billy Hatcher game.

In case you are unsure of who Billy Hatcher is, he was created by Sonic Team in 2003 that featured you rolling around a giant egg which gives Billy special abilities. It sounds bizarre but it had it’s own sense of style and charm that set it apart from other games at the time.

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg was actually a whole load of fun. Yes It had some frustrating parts but these were few and far between. I have been hoping for years that we may see a sequel to the game or some kind of HD remake. Sega have only really used the Billy Hatcher character in other Sega games which is highly unfortunate.

I think Sega and Sonic team could totally re-vitalise this franchise. The game had some really interesting gameplay mechanics that when worked offered some truly unique experiences. I highly doubt we will ever see another Billy Hatcher game but if they did what platforms would you like to see it on? I think it would work well on the Wii U.

Another totally random thought here and maybe really far fetched but could the giant eggs in the picture be a clue to Sonic Team maybe making a new Billy Hatcher game?

Oh and happy Easter everyone.

  • Greg

    Really disliked Billy Hatcher. We still own it and let our son play it and he seems to really enjoy it. If I could select a system it would be the 3DS for a new Billy Hatcher.

    • http://www.game-modo.com Richard Dixon

      Yea thats a smart idea. I could see it doing really well on the 3DS.

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