Top 5 Disturbing Video Game Characters


Lately, like many fellow game fanatics, I have been hooked on Grand Theft Auto V. Every man and his dog knows about one of the three protagonists known as Trevor Philips. This character is hilariously funny with his antics but on a whim he becomes ultra disturbing. 

This got me thinking (which is not always a good thing, I might add), there are many other disturbing video game charterers. So take a gander at what I believe are the top five (in no order) most disturbing video game characters.

Number 5: Trevor Philips – Grand Theft Auto V


Let’s start of with Mr Oddball and all round comedic genius Trevor Philips. This guy can switch to disturbing in an eye blink. In my humble opinion Trevor is the absolute star of Grand Theft Auto V, before unlocking him I found the game slightly bland but when he was unlocked the party really started. So why is he disturbing? Well I do not want to spoil the game for you but let’s just say Trevor is all about himself and really has no conscience, he does what he wants and when he wants with no regard for anything else.  One example is where you torture a guy by electrocuting him, which is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Number 4: Sweet Tooth – Twisted Metal 


Marcus “Needles” Kane aka Sweet Tooth is the iconic face of the hit PlayStation franchise Twisted Metal. A serial killer who drives an ice cream truck with clown face and burning hair is more than enough to list this guy as disturbing. His back story is as crazy as they come with split personalities and tendencies to mow down enemies with crazy vehicles. 

Number 3: Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2


I remember first playing Silent Hill 2 and seeing Pyramid Heads. These thing not only scared the living crap out of me but also made me wonder what the hell the creators of this game had been taking to even make this beast. He’s often referred to as the “Bogeyman” and this is not what I expected him to look like, he has a huge pyramid for a head with a human body. You first see him attacking a mannequin if this does not seem disturbing to you then I advise you see a psychiatrist. 

Number 2: Vaas – Far Cry 3


You first meet Vaas at the outset of Far Cry 3. My first impressions of Vaas was that he was slightly insane but the more times you meet him the more disturbing and totally off the rails he becomes. Far Cry 3 is a beautiful looking game but this guy adds that extra bit to the flavor. What really makes Vaas standout as a disturbing character, however, is his voice which is done by the immensely talented Michael Mondo. A lot of effort was put into making this characters one of the most standout disturbing and psychopathic individuals so far in video game history. 

Number 1: GlaDOS – Portal


I am still of the opinion that Portal is not only one of the greatest games ever but also one of the most thought provoking titles to come from Valve. If you have ever played Portal you are sure to remember the outright crazy AI known as GlaDOS. The auto-tuned narration from the GlaDOS is the only voice you will hear throughout the rambled escape from Aperture underground test lab. Her ever increasingly disturbing narration adds to the atmosphere but at times is slightly deranged. 


Now that you have read my top five most disturbing video game characters, what are yours and why?

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