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The Game-Modo crew sure miss trick or treating on Halloween night but that’s not to say we wont be having our own fare share of scares on this night of horror. Why not let us recommend some games to get you into the Halloween spirit.


Richard Dixon’s Game To Keep The Ghosts At Bay Is:

Condemned: Criminal Origins


When I got my Xbox 360 on launch I also picked up a rather interesting and often overlooked launch title called Condemned, still to this day it sends chills down my spine playing with no lights on. Condemned puts you in the hands of an FBI agent called Ethan Thomas on the hunt for Serial Killer X. This game really focuses a lot on puzzle solving and melee fighting set, in an first person world. Rarely do you get to use guns which at the time made this game interesting.

The story in the game at the time had me on the edge of my seat and had some rather disturbing cut scenes. As you progress through Condemned ever crazy landscape you will begin to unravel who is Serial Killer X. Whilst I loved this game the end sections where you lose your flashlight had me scared shitless. This is a game I would highly recommend not playing alone with the lights off, unless you crave fear?


Jason Long’s Game To Give You A Fright Is:



If you are looking for a great scare this Halloween, I would recommend that you take a look at Outlast. Outlast is a new horror game that came out this September on PC, and is coming to PS4 sometime next year.

Much in the tradition of Amnesia, which we recommended last year, Outlast puts you in the shoes of an unsuspecting person unaware of the events about to unfold.  You play as Miles Uphser, a simple freelance journalist who receives a tip from an anonymous source about a place called Mount Massive Asylum.  Once you’re at the asylum, you soon find out that the staff and security have been murdered and the inmates are your primary concern, or are they?  They aren’t quite the same humans that were locked up.  But that is about all that you know.  

The focus of the gameplay of Outlast focuses on survival, and not killing as many horror games do. You have no weapons, no combat training, and no special skills other than your brain, your feet, and your camera.  As the asylum is dark, your camera’s night vision is your best tool, and your ability to run, climb, squeeze into tight places, crawl and hide are your best and only defenses.  The night vision is effective, however the more you use it, the faster the camera’s battery will run out of power and you’ll be left to scavenge for extra batteries to keep it going.

The visuals and sound effects are great, and are key to the success of a game like this.  The gameplay is solid and fluid.  The story itself isn’t too bad, nothing winning an award but it’s enough to keep the game interesting throughout and is told using hints, notes, and a few key encounters that will define the main players in the story.

For full effect, like Amnesia, turn off the lights and play using surround sound or headphones.  If you can handle it.

Outlast can be picked up now on Steam for $19.99.


Paul Tunnicliffe’s Game To Give You Chills Is: 
Castlevania Lords of Shadow    
You could argue that any of the Castlevania games, from Symphony of the Night to Super Castlevania to even the Gameboy Castlevania Adventure, would make a perfect Halloween night-in game, but Lords of Shadow on 360/PS3 just pips it for me at the moment. Whilst never particularly a critic-buster, its a gem of game which was largely overlooked on its release. Borrowing heavily from the likes of God of War, its in its presentation that it still retains its core Castlevania look and feel. The creepy orchestral soundtrack, the mostly dark and gloomy and yet beautifully crafted backdrops and the generous helping of every Halloween creature you can think of, doing their best to take six chunks out of main character Gabriel.

Randy Arrowood’s Game To Give You Goosebumps Is:



ZombiU didn’t review well, but as time went on, user reviews of the game were much better than what the gaming pubs were handing out. I decided to try it, even though horror games aren’t normally what I prefer to play. ZombiU has plenty of horror to go around. Your anxiety level rises, even during the introduction to the game, and it only gets worse from there. The best part, to me? When you die in the game you take over the body of another survivor, then you get to hunt down the old, infected you and beat you to death. For the Wii U, there is no better Halloween fright night game to play than ZombiU.


Chris Wray’s Game To Give You Scares Is: 

How To Survive


It’s Halloween again. What does that mean? Well it means it’s scary game time or slutty costume time. Whichever works for you.
The only issue is that I am breaking the single rule I placed up there, the game I’m selecting isn’t actually scary. Why? Well I always lean towards a certain type when selecting something for a specific time of the year because what I want changes with my mood. At the moment I lean more towards the over-the-top comedy horror, levity alongside tense moments. What this means is that this Halloween finds me selecting Evil Dead 2 as my film and How to Survive as my game.

How To Survive isn’t a game that could ever be construed as scary and it’s about as far as you can get from the quintessential horror game (Amnesia or Outlast). However, it does have it’s tense moments on the harder difficulties and it certainly doesn’t let you settle down until you get to a specified safe spot. How to Survive is given away in the title, it’s a game about survival, survival on a group of islands overrun with the normal undead and the even more grotesque and stronger undead. You have to eat, drink and sleep, as well as stop yourself being munched on by the horde of undead or going stark-raving mad due to the caricature Russian voiced NPC.

With the silly moments of the Russian survival expert and the mad, but limited, weapons you can craft and use against the horrors of the islands you wont be without a few laughs. At the same time there are moments, especially early on or even moving throughout when on the higher difficulty, that are quite tense. Especially so when you find yourself on low health or hungry, thirsty or tired, trying to find whatever it is you need to get yourself back to fighting condition. It’s even tense enough having to manage your inventory, trying to manage your way out of a situation where you are lacking one of your base requirements or weapons, while also carrying other items that may be useful in the future.
How to Survive will certainly try to satiate any of the needs you have. You may not find the Russian funny (He grew on me) or even the possibility of over-the-top zombie massacre cathartic and amusing, in which case it wont fill the comedy gap you’re looking for. At the same time you may not find the limited inventory space and the juggling of it, alongside the variety of different needs you have to manage alongside survival against the undead, especially at night, a tense thing to go through. I found both aspects worked well enough for it to fill my needs this  Halloween season.


Drew Perez’s Game That Petrifys You Is:

Clive Barker’s Undying


Clive Barker’s Undying may not pack the visual punch of modern day first person shooters or survival horror games but it more than makes up for it with spell casting, exploration, and a well crafted supernatural horror story which violently pulls you in by the hair and fleshes out a world of demons, spirits, and magic. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Halloween than by doing battle against the Undying King to ensure he does not destroy our reality.


Travis Blair’s Game That Shocks Is:

Labyrinth Legends


With danger around the corner, Labyrinth Legends is my choice to sneak up and surround those looking for a fun PSN game with a spooky feel. Mummies, zombies, and other monsters appear to stop your hero from his chivalrous mission. You’ve got to wander your way through mazes, sometimes with life-threatening puzzles that must be solved in order to proceed. It’s a fun game that I still return to time to time since it was released last December. Also worth mentioning: your hero totally looks like he’s in a knight costume for Halloween, starting with what looks like a pot on his head for a helmet. Also, you can go trick or treating with other local players.


Camille Shim-Marino’s Game That Freaks You Out Is:



This game can be played through in less than 4 hours, but the feeling and setting of the game just gives a spooky, creepy feel. Turn off all the lights and play this game on a big screen TV with surround sound. The muted colors and crisp HD sound just give this game a feel like none other. You are a little boy traversing through a mystical forest looking for his sister. Avoiding deadly enemies and traps are only avoidable by solving the puzzles on how not to die. When you do die it’s actually graphic and somewhat startling, yet shows no gore or color. The story of the game is left open ended, with different interpretations on what exactly the ending means. Platforming and puzzle solving mixed into the feel of the game is a perfect Halloween game.

So now you know what keeps the the Game-Modo crew getting their horror fix this Halloween, what games would you recommend and why?

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    I have been following this site for a long while. This is a fab article and once again shows the talent brimming here. I am very much looking forward to Outlast.

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