Go Nomadic In Rome II – For Free

Rome II - Nomadic Cultures HeaderTotal War: Rome II or however you prefer to write down the title of the new Total War game didn’t seem to have the best of launches. Not gaining the world shattering critical acclaim it’s used to and getting a lot of the usual complaints of bugs being found, the guys and Gals at Creative Assembly have decided to be nice and give away the first DLC for free. For a while anyway.

What we’re being given is the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack DLC, anybody who downloads it before the 29th gets it free. Anybody after will have to pay. A nice bonus for the people who picked up Rome II early and have endured through the bugs and the estimated 50tb of downloads in patches.

In the DLC there are three new factions on offer: the Royal Scythians; the Massagetae and the Roxolani. Of course with the factions you get a host of new buildings that the factions build, the units that they use and traits alongside them. For example, the nomadic tribes were always cavalry oriented and as such the cavalry are cheaper to recruit and they were adept at fueling wars through pillaging and as a result they gain more from pillaging than the other factions do.

Here’s a trailer for the DLC:

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