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Steam HeaderLittle Edit: It seems people weren’t too happy with the over-sensualised title and first paragraph (which is now the second one). Yes, this start is meant to be an over-the-top piece. It’s not meant to be an in depth look on the market nor of the releases. It’s just cookie-cutter filler to make up for what was an otherwise slow day. Take this with a pinch of salt, a bucket of salt or a freighter full of it and imagine a tongue effectively protruding out of the cheek. Other than that, enjoy a bit of sardonic writing.

So in what may come as a shock to some people, publishers have decided to launch more games on that piffling little platform that is the PC. Specifically, they have launched on the service/store known as Steam, by a company called Valve. Some estimates put sales on Steam as high as 100 per day which I hardly believe considering the format, but I let people live in their deluded fantasy lands. Here are the new releases on this dying format.

Not how I specifically said new releases. The reason I specifically chose that is because most of them aren’t actually new games. Some of them are pretty old for that matter. One of them failed when it was first released (it did, no matter what John Romero may say) and I predict it will do better now than it did back then.

Eight games have seen their release on Steam in the past two days. Here are the five from yesterday:

WarofVikingsWar of Vikings – Early Access
War of Vikings is the Viking style follow up from War of the Roses. You may remember I enjoyed War of the Roses
. I expect that I will enjoy this, especially since Vikings are a little more interesting than the old Brits. Then again, Vikings are only really more interesting due to fiction – they were actually pretty civil and not prone to the murder, rape and rampage that are commonly attributed to them.

Well this, as the astute of you may have figured out, is what I was talking about before. At the time of making this was the most expensive game ever developed, and even by todays standards it was a fair whack ($40+ million). So thirteen years after the initial release we have what is one of video game softwares biggest flops ever on steam for our enjoyment. Or lack of, as the case may be. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this sold over the originals 200,000 copies, if only due to the lower price and the natural stupidity curiosity found in human beings, which includes me. Arma Tactics

ArmA Tactics
I have to admit, the existence of ArmA Tactics eluded me before it’s release yesterday. To me it looks similar to that of a Jagged Alliance style game, which means it intrigues me. Will I buy it? Of course. Will I play it once I’ve bought it? Possibly!

Prime WorldPrime World
Prime World is a multiplayer online strategy game, going by the blurb. Going by the video it looks like yet another MOBA, but according to the writing, a place called Massively stated that I am not to fall into the trap of assuming it’s another League of Legends clone, which I take to mean as not falling into the trap of thinking it’s ‘just another MOBA’. It’s free so I’ve downloaded it. Will I enjoy it? Only time will tell.

Flashback is a game based on the 1992 game of the same name. I can’t say I’ve ever played the original because, while I did own the Sega MegaDrive and a large number of games for it, I was only four when the original came out. I barely remember what I was doing twenty days ago, never mind twenty years. Well this is a re-imagining and, considering the original was a huge hit, hopefully a faithful one.

Here are the three releases of today:

Air Conflicts VietnamAir Conflicts: Vietnam
I have a fondness of air combat games, which is why I’ve always been a fan of Ace Combat in particular. Air Conflicts: Vietnam looks to have a lot of variety in both the vehicles you use, the variety of attacking methods, times and more. It also looks very pretty!

Silent Storm GoldSilent Storm Gold Edition
Another older game making a resurgence. Also another one I haven’t played before. Granted, this one looks like something I would very much be interested in, giving another Jagged Alliance or Commandos vibe in combat.

Audiosurf 2

Audiosurf 2 – Early Access
Finally we have Audiosurf 2 making an early access release. Looking pretty impressive already, with new modes thrown in to keep you entertained. There’s little more I can say, it’s a good, challenging game to play while listening to some of your favorite music.

  • Jason Long

    ARMA Tactics is also on mobile, one of the better mobile games out there

    • Richard Dixon

      Great article. A lot of people underestimate just how strong PC gaming is. A lot of kick ass titles.

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