Peninsular Trading: Rise of Venice

Rise of Venice LogoA general rule of thumb in business is to stick to what you know and be great at that. This means that a retailer, say Game, wouldn’t own their own shipping company to deliver their stock. It wouldn’t make sense, just outsource. Well, here in Rise of Venice you’ll do exactly as the Venetians were want to do, everything.

Rise of Venice is a trading game in the same vein as Port Royale. You’re aim is to build up your own shipping empire and damned if anything is to get in your way. Well, I say it’s in the same vein, I don’t know if piracy will be featuring very high in RoV.

What I do know is that the same trading system, alongside the limitations of what a city can produce, are back. For all your trading information, feel free to check out this video:

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