Overlooked Gaming Goodness At E3 2013


Well that was that, then, E3 2013 came through town and showed that even though many had lost faith it can still showcase some quality gaming goodness. With all this excitement regarding the PlayStation 4, new Mario games and the Xbox One, the attention was taken away from some games that could be big hits in their own right hopefully.

Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii was one hell of a game, something that in my opinion brought fresh and well needed ideas to the JRPG genre. When Nintendo showcased the upcoming X (yes it’s a new Xenoblade game) trailer earlier this year it made me more than excited. I wanted to see more and I was treated to this on the Nintendo’s E3 Direct. Unfortunately, not many seemed too be talking about this and I for one thought the whole mech open world showcase showed that Monolith Soft may yet again have a JPRG that pushes the boundaries. 

The PlayStation 4 had a heap load of attention at E3 and so did most of its games apart from Outlast. This is one of those games that caught my attention fast, its a game that takes a new spin with its gameplay. You are thrown into what looks like a mental asylum with no weapons of any kind. Your survival revolves not around offensive abilities but your instincts to hide or run. 

I was one of those kids who got a Sega Saturn late in life and missed out on a lot of its killer games. About three years back I played the Panzer Dragoon games for the first time and they truly blew my mind. The trailer for Crimson Dragon (also the creator of Panzer Dragoon) pulled at me instantly. This also looks stunning. 

The PS Vita may have been lacking in the games dept, but that doesn’t mean none are on the way. Aside from those that received more attention, by golly – Contrast looks beautiful. I almost missed this one in all the commotion of the PlayStation 4 reveal.

So now that you have seen some games I believe were overlooked at E3 2013, what games do you believe might have missed some of the spotlight?






  • levian

    I’ve known about X for months now and I’ve been waiting and waiting for some news and thankfully we’ve seen some new gameplay!

    One game I’ve been looking forward to that’s fairly unknown is Bound by Flame, an action RPG with a ton of promise

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