Hey Beatbuddy, Play That Beat.

Beatbuddy Header

Play music. Well I’ve always had a bit of interest in attempting to play music but the closest I’ve ever come to that is Guitar Hero and, well, I’m not quite playing it there am I? I’m just smooshing some colours alongside the music when the game tells me to. Infact, no game has really allowed you to alter the music or direct it in any shape or form. Beatbuddy has lofty ambitions of allowing this to happen.

Oh sure, it’s all going to be based around an original piece but with this it’s how you interact with the visualised parts. For example, the crab-thing represents the hi-hat, if you hit the crab it goes into its shell and the hi-hat stops until it comes back out. Check out the teaser trailer for an example you can actually see.

I love the design of the small blue blob thing. I’m guessing he’s the actual Beatbuddy. My excellent deductive powers used well there, I should be the next Sherlock Holmes.

Not only that, the screenshots that can be found show an all around excellent visual design with an insane amount of detail. Here are eight screenshots that can show you the exquisite detail featured.

001Mine_1 002Jungle_1

003Ruins_1 004Mine_2

005Ruins_2 006Jungle_3

007_Mine_03 008Jungle_4

Happily I’ll be playing Beatbuddy at Rezzed when I go this weekend and I’m looking forward to it. A Action-Platformer-Musical sounds interesting enough to grab my attention, and grab it has.

Infact, a game did actually allow you to direct the tune a little. That was Chime. Why do I bring it up now? Because Beatbuddy has some of the artists behind Chime involved as well.

Beatbuddy is by a curiously named team called Threaks and it is said to have original music by the likes of Austin Wintory (Journey), Parov Stelar and Sabrepulse (Chime) and a story by Rhianna Pratchett who has been involved in games like Tomb Raider, Mirrors Edge, Heavenly Sword and Overlord to name a few. With a star lineup, excellent visual design and what looks like a completely new experience, this is one to keep your eye on. It’s been in development now for over four years and it’s hoping to be released this year for the PC, Mac and Linux over Steam, with a possible development on Console after.

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