What I’ve Played – Painkiller Hell & Damnation: The Clock Strikes Meat Night

Platform: PC
Developer: The Farm 51
Publisher: Nordic Games
Rating: 18 (PEGI) / M (ESRB)01

Purgatory is a fun place. The home of lost souls, a land of perpetual conflict that is devoid of all hope. Of course a return trip to the idyllic location was inevitable. The new DLC offers us a return to old hunting grounds and a trip down memory lane. This is what I think about it.

With the last DLC being firmly set in multiplayer territory I was happy that this was all about the single player. Too little is thought about us misanthropic gits now, even a bloody microwave oven has a multiplayer mode now. Sometimes us people just want to sit down and test our wits against that of our future overlords, the computers.

The Clock Strikes Meat Night offers a reasonable amount of extra content. It expands both levels of The Asylum and The Bridge as well as adding the level of The Town. In addition, the rest of the single player has been expanded with new secret areas, actions, mechanisms and enemy variations. To top it off there is a new pickup that allows dual-wielding of certain weapons.


The new content isn’t exactly what you would call different to the norm. The core game is shooting demons in fun ways and there is no variety here, it’s just more of the same but, like before, it’s very well executed. The fun is enhanced by a new pickup that allows dual wielding for a limited amount of time and putting a stake through somebodies mouth is fun, putting two through is even moreso. The power of the shotguns, shruikens, everything enhanced by firing twice as many. Sure, it goes through your ammo like it’s loose change but it’s well worth it for the fun of it.

Of course there’s only so much fun to be had on the same levels so the new ones need to extend that further and give us new places to have fun in. The first, Town, is the stronger of the three levels being a ruinous town like ones we’ve already seen before. The second is an expanded Asylum, offering something new in a mirror puzzle. Admittedly I didn’t end up with it being a puzzle so much as I ended up clearing every single room. Finally there is Bridge which offers us a boss fight and turns out to be a decent level.

The boss was poor and the worst part of the DLC. The rest of the enemies, from the well designed zombie leper thing to the very fast ninjas are good. The boss just turned out to be a little on the boring side, having to survive against small fry while backing away from him, waiting for the specific moment you can do damage.


Clocking in at around 3 hours, depending on your proficiency and the difficulty you choose, The Clock Strikes Meat Night isn’t a bad bit of DLC. It offers you more of what you have already enjoyed in the mindless slaughter of thousands with nary a multiplayer in sight and that’s all you really can ask from it. If you like Painkiller already, this is certainly one to pick up.

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