Indie Racing Coming to Wii U: Cosmic Highway Interview


Cosmic Highway is a Wii U game currently in development for the Nintendo eShop. We spoke with Monty Goulet of Maestro Interactive Games to learn more about the upcoming release.

Travis Blair: Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions! For those
unaware, could you give me a little insight into Maestro Interactive Games?

Monty Goulet: Maestro Interactive Games is an independent game studio focusing on
bringing titles that have a strong audio component. Our vision is to create the highest
quality gaming products with a focus on music, we plan to create new and exciting
audio for the video game world by creating titles fully immersed with addictive and
compelling soundtracks. The team has individually work on the development of some
great AAA like Donkey Kong Country Returns as well as on Indie titles.

Travis: You’re working on a new game for the Wii U, titled Cosmic Highway. What is this
game about, and why the Wii U?

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Monty: Cosmic Highway is an interactive racing game the likes of which have never been
heard before. What I mean by that is, each racer in the game has its own unique
musical style. While the players race, the music shifts based on who is in first place.
Currently we have five racers for players to choose from and depending on the demand
we will add more racers via in app purchases. We have 30 different levels for players to
race in as well as an additional 10 levels for the Wii U we hope to get out for launch. We
choose the Wii U because Nintendo has always been a strong supporter of audio on
their platforms. Music and sound design have always been something that stand out in
Nintendo games, and given our studios desire for compelling audio, it is a perfect fit.

Travis: One of the reasons I’ve had fun with the Wii U in the few months since its launch
is the multiplayer experience. What can you tell me about multiplayer in Cosmic
Highway? Is there online and/or local racing? Can I brag to my friends in Miiverse about
my best times?

Monty: There is going to be local multiplayer in Cosmic Highway. We would like to add
Miiverse in some form on Cosmic Highway, and we will do our best to do so. It all
depends on the technology available at the time of release. We are creating a five
player racing experience for multiplayer, consisting of four Wii Remotes and a

Travis: Are there any racing games from which you’ve drawn inspiration, or any other
games for that matter?

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Monty: Well, our cartoon world draws inspiration from the Diddy Kong Racing title and
Mario Kart series. Really, the concept is similar to the F-Zero games of old, where your
success was really dependent on your skill as a driver and not how many power ups
you acquire. In fact, each racer only has one power up available to them.

Travis: Do you have an estimated release date?

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Monty: We are shooting for a late Spring 2013 release, this would put the game in the
hands of gamers sometime in May.

Travis: What else is Maestro Interactive Games up to? Are there any other developments
in the works?

Monty: Well, we are currently porting over Notion Games platformer “Super Ubi Land” to
the Wii U as well. We are holding off on that in order to get Cosmic Highway done, and
Notion Games wants to polish their title more before sending it our way. We also have a
game Fade Into Darkness that we hope to launch as well this year in Episodic

Travis: Thanks again for the update, and I look forward to hearing more! Is there anything
else you would like to tell our readers?

Monty: We launched a KickStarter for Cosmic Highway here
It is for us to finish the game up and provide an even better gaming experience. It ends
March 25 and we are only 15% of the way there. We would love for your readers to
check it out and contribute if they feel inclined. Or even just spread the word. We are
optimistic that we will reach the goal as it is not that ambitious for a studio to ask for.
Only $6,000.

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