Call To Arms Has Some Screenshots – Looks Good


A while back I spoke of the crowdsourcing of Call To Arms by Digitalmindsoft. How I was interested in this, a modern version of the Men of War games and that I’d be watching the development with interest.

Well, watching it hasn’t been the fastest go ever but it was never going to be. When I mentioned it, it was still in the embryo stage. Well now I am happy to say it’s moved onto a full-blown fetus and we have some screenshots from the early alpha stages.

The first is the one at the top of the page, showing a nicely detailed village and there’s some conflict there. There’s nothing much to say other than there’s a nice bit of detail on the smaller items there, the soldiers look good as does everything else. But, it’s been premade to show the assets off so it’s hardly going to look bad.

Here are a few more screenshots for us to see:


Two of a nicely detailed tank, hiding in wait of people to smush. Either that or the crew are lazy gits and wanted to camp out. Slackers! Still, a nice amount of detail in the tank and nice to see a good modern tank. Albeit I now wonder how easy the game will be because our conflicts in the middle east aren’t known for their difficulty when the big hardware is involved.


And finally one of tactical movement of troops as they get through a small village.

There’s not really much to say as these are all small images of the alpha assets. They already look good, which is a good sign for the future but it’s impossible to make judgements on a end product based on this. All I can really say is just have a look and enjoy!

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