Activision Upset At Black Ops II Wii U Sales And Pigs Can Fly

urlToday whilst reading through some video game news and articles I came across and article that smelt a bit fishy. This particular article has made the gaming communities on the internet go slightly thermo-nuclear over something that in my opinion is not true. So what exactly is this article? Well Calvin Hall (an unknown blogger) claimed that he had a chat with a so called Activision employee at this years D.I.C.E summit.  Apparently the company is thoroughly disappointed with sales for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the Wii U. This is what the Activision employee suspiciously told Calvin Hall:

“Activision didn’t expect much from Wii U sales of Black Ops 2, but they sure didn’t expect it to be that abysmal. Activision gave Wii U owners the best version of Blops 2 with Off TV features, and Nintendo fans didn’t support it. It’s easy for Nintendo fans to trash publishers for not giving them ports, but publishers have wisened up. They realize Nintendo fans are all talk. Nintendo fans are vocal with their mouths, but when it’s time to open their wallets, they’ll spend that $60 on New Super Mario Bros instead.”
Calvin Hall then surprisingly went on to ask what the Activision employee’s industry friends and other publishers think of the Wii U, this is what he said:

“There’s just no enthusiasm for it. The only reason publishers are still going to bring games to Wii U is because they don’t want to damage their relationship with Nintendo.”

Usually when I come across these kinds of articles I put on my Sherlock homes outfit and go investigating, then try and find out the truth or the nonsense they are claiming. Well Calvin Hall are you spouting the truth or not? I am here to find out and give my opinion. 

Now if we look into Calvin Halls website and examine this so called information, it looks like its made up from the get go.

  • Firstly take note of “Calvin Hall dishes out the truth. You complain.” which appears under his name on the site. Why would anyone complain unless he wants them to, seems a little strange to me that.
  • Calvin Halls very first post on his website is a real eye opener with statements from himself saying “The gaming industry does a good job of making me want to throw up due to how incompetent game publishing executives and gaming journalists are (for the most part). Many will not share the views and opinions on the blog.”
    This is a very strong statement, with no real backing. 
  • “I am a game developer so I go to a lot of events like PAX, GDC, D.I.C.E, E3, etc, etc” What games have you made then Calvin? Oh wait there are no games listed…. All I can say is read the full post as it looks very iffy,
  • Interestingly Calvin Harris’s Twitter account (, which is mentioned on the about page, has been suspended.

There is no credible proof the person actually attended D.I.C.E and its more than unlikely an Activision employee would be talking about sales of a game with him. 

The content on the site looks very unreliable to say the least, with no real evidence to back what Calvin is saying. Whats worse is many seem to believe what he has said without actually reading the said website. Very poor if you ask me.

  • Stealth

    trolling nintendo without fact is par for the course

    • Richard Dixon

      To make a fake website and then make up a fake rumour is madness if you ask me. Thats just pathetic really.

      • Stealth

        the game industry is really pathetic these days, so are the haters

        • Richard Dixon

          Looks like his malicious site has been closed down now. Yay.

          • TwinTails

            He’s been exposed.

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