What I’ve Played – Duck Quest?

01Quack. Quack quack, quack. Quack! Quack quack! Quack?
I am a duck. A duck you see. A duck that quacks. A duck that has been on a short but substantial quest to find her little ducklings. I’m back now from this Duck Quest? and I’m ready to tell you how it went.

Some of you may remember me posting about the Kickstarter for Duck Quest? way back in the prehistoric times of August 2012. Well on Monday the 11th the game was finally released and of course having backed it, I played it. I went in with the expectations of playing a short, but very sweet, little game about a mother duck trying to find her little ducklings. That’s exactly what I got.


Of course this isn’t going to be a massive review. It’s a quarter-of-an-hour flash game so to expect anything massive of it is nothing short of bonkers. Starting with a nice little intro sequence of you walking along with your ducklings and being rudely interrupted by a strong gust of wind. Your ducklings are only small though, and the wind is strong, so they go flying.

Thankfully they haven’t got out of the park so you just get to wander around the park and find them. You are able to do three things: Quack; use items and walk (or waddle!). The park isn’t that big of an area, only measuring 4×4 of the playable screens but the duck is slow. It’s a pacing thing though, this is about a duck, speed is hardly essential.

Exploration is key. There isn’t a great deal to see or do, and what you have to do is dictated by Adventure-game logic. Was I meant to quack on this person or animal or was I meant to talk to them? Isn’t quacking a ducks way of talking so shouldn’t it start the conversation and be an all in one option? These are questions you may ask yourself if you are an over-thinking twat like me.


The only issue I’ve got is that I managed to break the game the first time. If you exit one screen onto the next at the bottom of it you will find yourself through the park fence due to how it curves. Then you are screwed. Thankfully this is such a short charming game things like that don’t matter in the slightest. Just give it a quick go, enjoy the Duck Quest? and stop being miserable.

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