The Sky Is The Limit – Sky Fighter Review

Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer/Publisher: Creat Studios/Tik Games
Rating: 7 (PEGI) / E (ESRB)Sky Fighter Review

Sky Fighter is a side scrolling airplane game set in the early 1900’s and taking place presumably during WW1. As such the planes are all bi-planes, as one would assume. It has three game modes; Campaign, Air Combat, and Dogfight. During the course of the game you play as three basic planes, with the exception of dogfight which I’ll explain later. Planes include a fast and nimble fighter, medium attacker, and a big slow heavy bomber.

Sky Fighter - Night

I personally liked the music throughout the game, which gives it a retro feel and fits the time period of the game nicely. Combine the retro music with the cartoony feel of the game and you can get sucked into the presentation rather quickly. As a side note, some of the heavy effect they place in the game like clouds and especially water really provide a nice counter balance to rest of the visuals. The controls can be a bit tricky at first but I found with a little practice become second nature. You move your plane with the left stick and can shoot bullets, drop bombs, and loop the loop with your plane to dodge enemy attacks. Campaign has 21 missions, but all of them can take you less than 10 minutes a piece on rookie. And even on the hardest difficulty a good player can probably blow through the campaign in a little under three to four hours.

Sky Fighter - Sky Is The Limit

The campaign has you doing things like defending and attacking convoys, making bombing runs, destroying enemy bases, and participating in big dogfights. The difficulty setting on campaign mode runs the gambit from super easy on rookie to very challenging on ace mode. Air Combat mode has missions ranging from dodging mines to winning dog fights and surviving for a certain amount of time or taking down a certain amount of enemy planes. It’s a challenge mode essentially and presents you with one life, one objective, a map to do it on. Many of the games’ trophies are acquired from this mode and campaign, and aren’t necessarily easy. Dogfights are up to 8 players, multi-player or A.I. There can be 4 different teams and 7 different types of planes to choose from, but the planes are simply re-skins of the basic fighter and attacker planes in order to more easily differentiate your own plane. And on that note, I will say the team colors in dogfight can be far too similar. Green, blue, and even yellow can look so close one screen with 8 planes that losing yourself becomes easy. You can set the A.I. to different difficulty levels and assemble the teams however you want, EX: 7 on 1, 2 on 6, 2 on 2. But, of all the games modes in Sky Fighter, this one feels the most rushed and disorganized. It pulls the game down a little actually, and can be a damper on an otherwise fun experience. Overall, the game is fun, but not for everyone.

The learning curve may set some people off from it, and it’s styling and feel won’t appeal to everyone either.  I would strongly consider this game. 

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