Gaming Shake-ups in Austin & Nation of Indies


The gaming industry has been through some hectic times lately in Austin, TX. If you’re not from “The Live Music Capital of the World”, you might not be familiar with all the video game development going on in the city. Well as a recap, here’s what went on with some Austin developers just in the past year: Lightbox Interactive, the developer behind Starhawk for PlayStation 3, is now making mobile games. Vigil Games was not picked up by a buyer in the recent THQ bankruptcy. The developer of Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2, Junction Point Studios, was closed by parent company Disney. However, Crytek, the developer responsible for the Crysis series, just opened an Austin-based studio and hired much of the former Vigil Games staff. Much is happening in Austin, TX. So what’s a developer to make of it all? Maybe instead of all this craziness, they would like to take a look at going independent? What if they just have questions? This is where Nation of Indies stepped in.

As stated on, “Recently Laid Off? Dissatisfied with the Direction of your Current Job? About to Graduate & Enter a now sort of Scary Looking Marketplace? Just Curious how Indie Developers Keep Things Together? This was a one-day symposium Sunday in Austin to assist Austinite developers “…get Valuable Real World Data From the People who have Succeeded And then Probably Failed a Little But Then Succeeded Again”.

nation of indiesA lot of networking occurred and many attended. So many, in fact, that a second symposium is being considered. A recording of the event should be available soon. Look to the Nation of Indies website for more information. This event was for those in the Austin gaming community, but the information is helpful for all.

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