Gamer Looking to Rekindle Strategy Game Relationship

Strategy RPG Games

Strategy games, specifically those of the turn-based variety, have provided me hundreds of hours of entertainment. However, with each passing year, things change – both for me and the genre I have adored. The time I’ve spent on games like Advance Wars, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Field Commander, Tactics Ogre, and the like were great – but my life has changed. My request is that the strategy RPG genre, as rigid as it may be with the rules of mobility, range, or encumbrance, take a few bold steps forward with the new generations of gaming. I really like you, strategy RPG, but we need to work something out if I’m to be able to dedicate the time we once had and spend some quality time with you. Here are some things that would really add to the gaming relationship. 

Be Spontaneous

Field Comander

We went out a lot before, and most of the great times we’ve had were on handhelds like a Game Boy Advance or PSP. Now, though, I am more settled and like my comforts of home with my PS3 or Wii U. But let’s not feel it has to be rehashing the past or always staying in! Turn-based strategy games, you need to just get up and go when we want.  I’d like to play a new Field Commander on my PS3 (or PS4!), and when it’s time to deploy, take my PS Vita with me to resume the mission elsewhere.


Fire Emblem Awakening

There’s a brand-new Fire Emblem Awakening game available on the Nintendo 3DS, and one coming to the Wii U. While it’s too late for these to work together, I would really like to see some interaction. Maybe storylines could intertwine when two save files are recognized in the Nintendo Network, for example. Non-player characters from Fire Emblem: Awakening could have more to say when they learn of the exploits occurring in Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. These verbal exchanges would make sense to the player who has each game, and would add some breadth to the franchise.

Try New Things

Final Fantasy Tactics

There’s so much to learn about you. From your character development, to the possibilities between those in the parties I’ve developed through all of the grinding, to all your backstories you’ve shared. Why not try something new, and expand beyond the game? I’m on the move with things to do – let me access my party’s character information, equipment, and skill trees to see where we could go with this. Let me relive our memories by reading the dialogue we’ve shared that I might have missed before while on the couch and not listening. Let me show off the popular characters I’ve built up, like that ninja I knew in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance who could walk on water and strike back against anyone who attacked him to others on social networks. I could discuss with my friends how that warrior could become a dragoon, or check my tablet or smartphone the best path for my black mage to take, based in information synced from the game. Should he choose alchemy, or should he choose time? We all wish we had more time.


We’ve had such good times together, turn-based strategy role-playing game. I’d like to continue what we had, but I need you to work with me.

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