Dead In Space 3 – New Video Game Releases – 08/02/2013

Dead Space 3

You like getting the life scared out of you by video games right? Well we sure do and this week offers one of the most anticipated games this year along with a few other games to keep your nerves calm.

So a game that will have you hiding behind your girlfriend whilst you play, and a highly anticipated title to boot, is Dead Space 3.  The Dead Space series in my opinion really messes with your psyche and is one of those games that must be played with the lights out to really experience all its horror. Dead Space 3 has had some rather big praise with some claiming that its one of the best games this gaming generation and most have given it either 9/10′s or 10/10s. Some other have not been so kind but they still say that it will give you some truly terrifying frights. 

I recently watched Wreck-It-Ralph and it was way better than I expected and well worth a watch if you like video games. Well the game of the movie is out this week and is it worth your time and money? Well it seems not to be as the few review sites we could find have not rated it well and it apparently looks and plays really bad. 

Itching to get your hands on Bioshock Infinite? Well so are we, unfortunately it is not out this week but instead we have BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition that lets you play the first 2 games in the series along with a whole heap of extra content. It’s well worth a gander at if you have not tried this brilliant series.

Wait, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is out again this week? That is right folks it seems the folks over at Sumo digital wanted to make the blue hedgehogs outing on the 3DS that little bit extra special. It is finally out after a few delays but apparently its as good if not better than its console brothers. 

Please note that Scribblenauts: Unlimited on the Wii U and 3DS should have been out this week but has for some reason been delayed, we will keep you updated on when it will be coming out. 

Out Next Week

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines – PS3, 360, PC – Wii U Version out sometime later this year. 
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