Xbox 360 Nearly Number One In The UK

xbox 360 Nearly Number One In The UK

Microsofts Xbox 360 sales really took the lead in the UK last year and is fast catching up to the current leader Wii. The 360 has to sell less than a modest 200,000 in the UK to earn the title of the biggest selling console this gen in the UK according to GFK ChartTrack

“Xbox 360 sold over four times its Nintendo counterpart in 2012. Video games console sales dipped by a third last year, but Microsoft’s console outsold its rivals by a “significant margin”

- GFK ChartTrack

Interestingly the fasting selling console ever in the UK is the Nintendo DS and is closely followed by the PlayStation 2. 

It seems Microsoft is picking up a sales streak across the world the last few years and things are looking promising for the next Xbox, which is rumoured to be revealed this year. If they can keep the sales momentum next gen with their next console they will be unstoppable. 

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