What Is This, Sony? – Recommend A Friend To Get A PS Vita?

Convince Your Friends To Get A PS Vita

Some of you folks may have noticed that Sony are trying an incentive to pull in more gamers to buy the Vita. What does this mean, really? Well they are doing this by offering $20 in PSN credit, 1,000 Sony Rewards points for convincing someone to buy a Vita. I just don’t think this is the best idea.

Invite Your Friends To Get A PS Vita

Here is the email that has been sent out to PS Vita owners alerting them of the offer.

Now before anyone goes overboard asking if I own a Vita and how can I not agree with this great idea from Sony, let me lay a few things to rest. I own a Vita, a Nexus 7 and a 3DS. All are great devices, but I feel Sony is taking the wrong approach regarding getting the Vita sold to the masses.

I have personally shown my PS Vita to friends and got some rather mixed reactions. One of my close friends said its trying to do too much and should just focus on being a handheld games console. I have to agree he is right. It should focus on what it is best at and that is a gaming machine. Another friend asked the price of the Vita and when told he was shocked and said you could get a PlayStation 3 with some games for that price. A few seemed impressed, but worried regarding the Vita’s long term future. 

From what I’ve seen and in my humble opinion, the problem with why the Vita is not selling well is because gamers seem to want iPads, Nexus 7′s, other tablets and the 3DS as their portable companions. To pull in gamers is going to be super tough for Sony now, and while this idea to recommend it to friends sounds nice, Sony needs to wake up. Start advertising what the Vita is and how its better than everything else to play portable games on. Drop the price and make the proprietary memory cards cheaper.  Force the Vita into the mindset of gamers by advertising the system more and show the public that the Vita is the console of choice for portable games. This would seem to be a better idea to pull in gamers compared to wasting money on an idea of getting PS Vita gamers to convince someone to buy a vita.

This is just my opinion of course, and I am sure other ideas could benefit Sony. What do you think? Do you have any ideas that could help sell the Vita? Leave a comment below. 

  • Alun

    Nice article. I 100% agree that this is not the best idea from Sony. Like you said it would be best if they spent more time advertising and maybe dropping the price of the Vita. I would also like to see more games.

  • Jackson6

    I’m 100% with you and sales of the Vita just prove your point. I don’t think there’s a large enough market for it tbh. Most people want ipads and smartphones to play on; for deeper gaming experiences people buy the 3DS which has a fantastic catalogue of actually original games, unlike the vita whose catalogue is vastly made of ports or inferior versions of games we can play at home.

  • shagohod

    Sony’s desperation with their dying brands is reaching an all time high.

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