Our Suggestions For The Next PlayStation (4?)

PlayStaton 4 - Orbis - Concept

Rumors about the next PlayStation are flying with speculation everywhere, and announcement either at or before E3 is assumed imminent. So what’s to stop us from at least hoping the next PlayStation includes some of our requests? Read below to see what we would like to see, and be sure to tell us how great or horrible they would be.


PS Vita - PlayStation 4

More PS Vita support, please

  • Use the Vita as another controller much more so than now, similar to the Wii U GamePad – but never required. The PS3 and PS Vita integrate well in some ways, but the Wii U shows how it can be done much better. However, the Wii U GamePad cannot be used outside of range of the Wii U as a standalone device, and some games require it as the primary controller. Take what’s good about the PS Vita and integrate it as an additional controller to make use of the best of both.
  • I’d like a common leaderboard of all games shared on friend list. So many games have leaderboards, which must be accessed from within the game. Why not have a feature that allows us to see all leaderboards of games with save files on the system?
  • The PS Vita Live Area should extend to the Orbis. When used effectively, the Live Area can provide some information about the game, your progress, and interaction with friends without even playing the game.
  • Integrate PS Home into the operating system. OK, so not everyone uses PlayStation Home. But it’s free, and offers a lot of content. One problem it has, though, is that it’s a separate entity. If there were a way to bridge the gap to allow seamless integration between it and the main OS, doing so would provide a more social aspect to the system. Taking another cue from Nintendo, as Sony does time to time, because like Miiverse shows, expanded social interaction makes for a better experience.
  • The name needs to be Orbis. Really, it does. The PlayStation Vita has a cool Latin name, so why not follow suit with the PlayStation Orbis? Besides, the number four is bad luck in some parts of the world, and we don’t need to number things to tell them apart.



PS Home

Avatars: venture outside of Home!

  • I feel the same that PS Home should be part of the main OS and as we could have avatars similar to the Xbox 360, which make your Gamertags a LOT more personal.
  • I wouldn’t mind the name being PlayStation 4, as any other name may confuse people into thinking it’s not the “next generation” home Sony console.
  • Dualshock controller should have triggers for the L2 and R2 buttons. I’ve been using these add-ons called “real triggers”, and can’t play games without them. All four of my controllers have them. Since the Move has the trigger called the T button, I think they should rename the buttons to LT and RT as to be left and right trigger. I always found L2 and R2 to be a little annoying when L1 and R1 are right in the same spot.
  • The trophy system and platinum trophy within it is great, however, It would be nice if when you play couch co-op games, where the 2nd characters’ sign in profile can receive trophies when earned while playing the game as well instead of only the single player. This is a feature extended to developers that choose to use it, but should be a feature implemented for all. 
  • PS Move control is perfect, but improve the motion camera, and bring a bigger 3rd party game selection.
  • I would like the ability to change your username, at a cost or not.


Of course, these are just our opinions. What would you like announced in the coming months? Leave your comments below.

  • http://www.game-modo.com Richard Dixon

    I like the suggestions. I would love to see some kind of social functionality like we have seen on the Wii U but more widespread. I would also like to see a new pad because the dualshock is great and everything but its getting a bit old now.

  • http://twitter.com/RPGFan2k Stealth

    vita is a good portable, your dooming it by making it a ps4 controller

  • BobFour

    who says i want to use the add ons for PS3 controller by default i dont and yeah i like orbis

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