New Dragon Quest VII Information For Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Quest VII - New Information


Not much information is known regarding Dragon Quest VII for the Nintendo 3DS considering it’s launching in Japan on February 7th. Well that looks like it is about to change, as more information regarding Square Enix’s remake of Dragon Quest VII has appeared online. Please note however that you may want to take this information with a pinch of salt as it comes from a NeoGAF post. This is what the post said:

  • Confirmation (if it wasn’t already clear) that appearance changes w/class changes
  • Appearance also changes immediately for monster classes, not just upon mastery like in the PlayStation version
  • Job levels will go up more quickly
  • Spells/skills for upper division jobs are only usable when in that class, giving the endgame a bit more balance
  • Overall simplification and rebalancing of which classes get which skills, including:
  • Elimination of job history/hybrid skill system (i.e. You won’t have to/be able to get skills like Sword Dance by switching from Soldier–>Dancer.)

The original Dragon Quest VII launched on the PlayStation in 2000 and was one amazing game, quite possibly one of my favourite JRPGs on the system. The 3DS version looks to have had a big makeover and is looking mighty fine. No news on when or if this will be release in America or Europe. Check out the trailer below for a look at the game running on the 3DS. 

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