Gangsters Unite: City Of Gangsters And Omerta Team Up

omerta_logoNot too long ago I mentioned the upcoming release of the prohibition era gangster-fest Omerta: City of Gangsters and it’s announcement on Mac. Well here it is again gracing your screens with some more interesting news, and this news could win you prizes.

The guys at Kalypso have teamed up with Omerta the online text-based mafia game. I’ve never had the luxury of playing Omerta, though I did know about it from a few years back. A text based game, while not a complete turn-off, wasn’t enough to grip me in my earlier days of Rome: Total War binges and Final Fantasy marathons, amongst many other things.

What is interesting here is that the partnership is offering you, the gamer, a chance to win a number of prizes. There will be a voucher code found in the boxed copy of Omerta: City of Gangsters (Released in 9 days, on Friday the 1st of February) to be used within Omerta: Text Based Mafia-isms. When you, after having used the voucher code, reach the rank of Associate you may win a prize.

I’ll quote the press release here to give you the exact details:

To promote the launch of Omerta – City of Gangsters, the new strategy title from Haemimont (the developers behind the critically acclaimed Tropico 3 and 4), Kalypso Media has announced a partnership with Omerta, the Free-to-Play gangster themed MMORPG, offering players the chance to win mystery prizes.
Omerta is the Godfather of online Mafia Games. Established in 2003 and with 4.7 million players, Omerta is an online game where players create a Gangster profile and work their way to the top by participating in crimes, trading contraband, training bodyguards and lackeys and fighting other Mafiosi to become Don of the most powerful families across 8 cities in Sicily and New York.
With special multiplayer scenarios and innovative game-play, Omerta is the most original Mafia MMO and offers the chance to rise through the ranks, make new friends and rob and kill them!
By logging onto Omerta ( and using a voucher code printed on a flyer in the Omerta – City of Gangsters retail boxed version, players can experience the dangerous and violent online world of the Mafiosi. Once a player reaches the rank of Associate, they may suddenly win a brand new iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, or one of 1000’s of other prizes. Every player will be a winner.

This does certainly interest me because I am never going to have an issue with a promotion that just has you play a free game to win something. It draws attention to a game that has been around for absolutely ages, a small text-based game at that and it’s a match that isn’t tenuous, it makes sense. This could also be a nice way to get some of the 360 purchasers onto a PC as well. Bringing more people to the PC is always a great thing.

I do hope that the code will be extended to more than just retail releases though. People who purchase digital copies from places such as Steam, Green Man Gaming and Gamersgate may feel a little hard done by if left out of a promotion like this.

All I can say is roll on next friday. I’m still looking forward to Omerta. You should be too!

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